Commercial Projects

Netafim’s commercial projects, along with collaboration with global and national agricultural players like Bayer IFC, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, and Rural Development Trust (Anantpur), are aimed at joining smaller farmers across the world (cultivating less than 2 hectares of land), under the precision irrigation revolution and help them grow more, grow better and bring more land under cultivation.

These commercial projects not just focus on the betterment of agriculture, but to make various positive contributions to the life of these small farmers. These contributions include helping them earn more profits through innovative solutions that help save resources, making them self-sufficient when it comes to making a living and thriving in ever-increasing competition, raise their standard of living and many others.

Besides, Netafim’s collaborated commercial projects aimed at mobilizing and utilizing the untapped potential of small farmers across the world to prevent critical concerns such as food and nutrition scarcity in the years to come. To date, Netafim has jointly completed two critical and impacting commercial projects. The first one is Better Life Farming, which continues to positively impact the lives of several farmers across the world, through partners like IFC and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. The second one was with Rural Development Trust (RDT) Anantpur that has helped resolved water scarcity issue in the area.

Better Life Farming Project

Better Life Farming Project aims at exploring and utilizing the growth potential of the small farmers who cultivate less than 2 hectares of land but are capable enough of providing almost 50% of the excessive food that we’d be requiring feed a population of almost 10 billion people, expected by the year 2050. Besides, this project also aims at offering training, finance and other vital resources to these small farmers.

This is a commercial project undertaken by three organizations, namely, Netafim, Bayer IFC, and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions to provide holistic and innovative solutions for small farmers in developing the world to empower them with the resources required to develop sustainable farming.

 The alliance would comprehensively cover various aspects of farming including precision irrigation, planting seeds, crop protection, insurance and others. This is to help cover the 450 million small farmers across the globe who are vulnerable to multiple concerns such as dearth of funds, climatic impacts, crop diseases, water scarcity, and many others. The project aims at mobilizing global expertise with the local insights required to offer agricultural solutions, and the alliance to help farmers realize the true potential of farming, not just to thrive, but to prosper.

The project, to-date, has delivered excellence through all of its initiatives and has reached some of the remotest corners of the world, thus helping small farmers in those regions to prosper and gift their family with a better quality of life.

Rural Development Trust (RDT) – Anantpur

Rural Development Trust (RDT) is a NGO that works towards the progress of the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in Southern India.

As a region that receives a very low rainfall throughout the year, the region and its farmers perpetually confront acute scarcities of water. This is reason why RDT sponsored up to 90% of the cost required by the farmers to purchase micro irrigation systems. These micro irrigation systems would help them cultivate their farms in lesser quantities of water and lesser investment. Besides, the project is also offering horticulture plants are costs as low as to only 20-25% of the market rate.

Netafim’s role in this project is to supply and install drip and micro sprinkler systems in the fields of the beneficiaries selected by RDT. Apart from this, Netafim would also support the farmers to grow more and a better yield, and to help them maintain the system by facilitating the required training and after-sales service.

The project has created a positive impact within the project area.

  • Drip irrigation has converted a barren land into an orchard.
  • Improved crop yield
  • Higher profits for farmers and improved standard of living.
  • 23463 ha is covered under drip irrigation benefiting 17968 farmers spreading across 2585 villages
  • The fruit plants cultivated using Drip Irrigation system has an improved survival rate of 95% to 100%


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