TOOFAN Dripline: The Best Dripline Irrigation Solutions In India

TOOFAN Dripline: The Best Dripline Irrigation Solutions In India

The Enhanced Dripline: Robust, Cost-effective, Reliable, and Universally Versatile for EveryCrop and Season. Turbonext technology creates cyclone-like turbulence in the dripper with specialized features to maintain dynamic water flow, preventing dirt buildup. This innovation reduces clogging, extending your dripline's lifespan.

Let's explore the reasons behind the development of the Toofan dripline.

At the heart of our development of the Toofan Dripline lies a dedication to comprehending the challenges faced by farmers. Through engaging conversations and in-depth discussions, we directly interacted with farmers to grasp the intricacies of their irrigation struggles. These valuable insights fueled our drive to innovate and create solutions that specifically address the diverse needs and challenges encountered by farmers in their daily irrigation practices.

The challenges led to the necessity for a robust, Affordable Dripline for the Non-Subsidy market, Addressing Farmer's concerns about adopting Drip Irrigation. This prompted our engineers to create the Toofan Dripline Rukega Nahi.

Dripline Challenges Faced By Growers With Normal Driplines

Space-Friendly.png Clogging Issues

Clogging of low quality drippers leads to frequent replacement of driplines.

Space-Friendly.png Uneven Discharge

Variations in dripper discharge rates cause uneven plant growth along rows.

  Frequent Buying

Frequent dripline changes increase the cost of drip irrigation for farmers.

 Less life

Low quality driplines are prone to quick damage, resulting in cracks and leaks.

  Finance Issues

Some farmers can't access or qualify for subsidies, making Subsidy expensive; they require an affordable solution.

What exactly is Toofan? Why was the dripline named Toofan?

Introducing the Toofan Dripline featuring cutting-edge Turbonext technology. This innovative design induces cyclonic turbulence within the dripper, ensuring continuous water flow. It is a specialized construction with distinct teeth and depth that prevents dirt accumulation, significantly reducing clogging issues. Experience extended durability and minimal maintenance, making the Toofan Dripline your reliable choice for uninterrupted irrigation.

How does the Toofan dripline fit into our current Dripline lineup? 

The Toofan dripline, boasting a medium wall thickness, is a non-pressure compensated system that embodies reliability and efficiency. This innovative irrigation solution seamlessly integrates with our renowned Aries product range, showcasing exceptional performance and durability. With its precise engineering and consistent delivery, the Toofan dripline stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in agricultural technology.

How Does This Dripper Accomplish This?

Let's take a look at how the Master blaster dripline works. What gives it a long life, uniform flow, and precise flow rate.

  • Toofan dripper features a dual filtration system, reducing clogging in challenging water conditions.

  • Turbonext Technology ensures a consistently clean interior, preventing impurity buildup.
  • Innovative labyrinth Passage enhances turbulence, preventing dirt settlement and ensuring uniform flow.

  • Injection Molded Drippers offer seamless welding for increased durability and performance.

  • High-quality Polyethylene tubing with optimal carbon black proportions ensures longevity.  

  • Wider flow path within the dripper ensures efficient water flow.

Toofan Dripline SKUs Are Now Available.

Nominal Diameter

Dripper Spacing​ Dripper Flow Rate​ Bundle Length​
16 mm​ 30 cm 1.6 L/H​ 600 m
16 mm​ 30 cm 1.6 L/H​  30 cm
16 mm​ 30 cm 2.2 L/H​  30 cm
16 mm​ 40 cm 600 m​ 30 cm

Why Is This Dripline Called Rukega Nahi? Let's Discover Its Special Features And Benefits Of Toofan Dripline

We want you to remember three things when you think about Toofan Dripline.

40% Increased Strength

  • Increased tensile Strength
  • Crack Resistant- High elongation properties
  • Clogging resistance
  • TurbuNextTM Technology = maximizes internal turbulence
  • UV resistant – Enhanced life

More Affordable


  • Attractive Rates by Netafim
  • Lower Flow Rates = Lower Costs (Less submain Pipes and connectors)
  • Long Life Dripline (More profits = Better Return on Investment)
  • Per Ha cost reduced by 20% to 30%
  • Get your investment back in 1st crop itself

Any Crop Any Season

  • Don’t miss the season = Low initial investment
  • Suitable for all types of row crops
  • Good offering for farmers not able to avail subsidy / not eligible for subsidy
  • Why wait when results so great !!!
  • Don’t depend on erratic monsoons
  • Peace of Mind | Higher crop yields | Uniform Growth