Conserve water and increase turmeric yield with precision irrigation

India is the largest producer of turmeric in the world, as out of the total turmeric grown in the world, India contributes to around 78-80% of it. Although there are a few challenges that turmeric growers are confronted with, precision irrigation helps increase the quantity and the quality of turmeric yield. Besides, with precision irrigation in turmeric cultivation, turmeric growers can save on valuable resources such as water, money, and labour.

Why precision irrigation for turmeric?

Through precision irrigation, turmeric growers can protect the crops from a variety of diseases through the application of the right amount of water and fertilizers. Also, they can improve the quality of the yield, as precision irrigation would have the essential growth nutrients delivered in the right quantities to the crop root zone, thereby also contributing to considerable savings in the use of water, nutrients, and fertilizers to the crop.

Precision irrigation brings some sure shot benefits to both, the quality as well as the quantity of the crop yield.

  • Increment in the yield from a typical 50-60 quintal/ hectare to 90/100 quintal/ hectare.
  • 30% and 50% better water-efficiency as compared to sprinkler irrigation and flood irrigation respectively.
  • Significant decrease in pest attacks and therefore crop diseases.
  • A considerable reduction in the labour costs involved in turmeric cultivation.



Things we often get asked:

  • How much is per hectare cost of drip irrigation for turmeric?


    The cost per hectare is governed by the following factors.

    • Transporting water from the source to the land under cultivation. Here, the cost is based on the distance and the elevation that the water comes from, from the source to the field through pipelines.
    • Another factor that influences the cost is the water quantity required to meet the peak crop evapotranspiration requirements at the time of peak crop demand.
    • Miscellaneous, but important factors such as the land topography (whether undulated or flat), the texture soil which further computes the emitter spacing, etc. also impact the cost per hectare for turmeric.


  • What is the soil and temperature requirement of turmeric?


    Although turmeric can be grown on different types of soils, it is best grown on well-drained sandy loam soils, with a 6-7.5 pH range and good volumes of organic carbon. Speaking of the temperature requirement, turmeric requires around 25-30 degree Celsius, based on the crop stages though.

  • Which planting method works best for turmeric crop under the drip irrigation system?

    The crop needs improved raise bed method for a better yield under the drip irrigation system. It is vital towards the development of Rhizome and the maintenance of field capacity condition, and when coupled up with a proper drainage system, it results in higher crop yield. This method also helps farmers to use improved implements for intercultural operations. The path amidst two beds proves useful for weeding, spraying and intercultural operations such as earthing up. Drip irrigation systems prove useful towards maintaining the field capacity in bed.

  • Which management practices result in a higher turmeric yield?

    • The use of improved varieties
    • The use of improved post-harvest technology in processing
    • Implementing drip irrigation, and planting on drip irrigation, along with fertigation
    • Implementing improved cultivation methods on raise bed
    • Implementing integrated plant protection measures.
  • What is the importance of Irrigation Management in turmeric cultivation?

    Irrigation management is an important factor that helps maintain field capacity in the crop root zone using drip irrigation techniques, based on the climatic conditions, soil type, and the crop stages. For instance, during the germination process, light irrigation must be carried out. Irrigation must be managed in accordance with the soil type, the growth stage that the crop is in, and also the evapotranspiration rate.

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