Tomato, owing to its nutritional value, taste and visual appeal, has been a popular part of Indian cuisine. However, retaining the quality of the tomato yield is quite a challenge, as it requires expert water management techniques, and also because it poses an immediate and important impact on the Brix level

The challenge for tomato growers

Moderate droughts don’t really affect tomato plants. Yet, it requires appropriate management and projections to manage the amount of yield and its quality. The management aspect involves managing various aspects such as water and fertilizer management, along with maintaining the appropriate aeration levels at the crop root level. Excessive application of water in tomato cultivation removes the soil air content. Besides, excess moisture results in damping-off disease, root fungal, and soil-borne and bacterial diseases.

How precision irrigation helps

  • Maintaining Higher Brix Levels
    Precision irrigation refers to having control over irrigation and adding water stress as and when the fruit ripens. This drives sugar content to the fruit, thereby maintaining the higher Brix levels. Precision irrigation involves adequate quantities of frequent fertigation based on the growth stages, which results in yield increment. The depth of irrigation is directly associated with the depth of the tomato root system. Out of all the roots, 80% of the feeding roots remain in the 20cm-30cm depth. Precision irrigation prevents leaching of fertilizers beyond the feeding root zone. Fertilizer use efficiency results in increased tomato yield.
  • Eliminate Moisture Stress
    Precision irrigation helps eliminate moisture stress during the flowering and fruit setting stage, thereby ensuring optimal yield. This is the only irrigation system that waters the plant root zone frequently, thus maintaining stress-free moisture conditions.
  • Balance the Growth of Productiveness of Vegetation
    Maintaining the balance between vegetative growth and productiveness is imperative while growing tomatoes. Precision irrigation acts as a solution to this requirement as it offers both control and flexibility, thus ensuring that the crops receive appropriate amounts of water and fertilizers.
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Nallapu Reddy moved from sustenance farming to better farming.


"The plants are free from diseases and the yield has doubled after using drip"

Nallappu Reddy

Tomato, Andhra Pradesh

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