The quality of pomegranate is largely determined by the amount of water, fertilizers and plant protection management. Water management, in particular, along with fertilizers plays an instrumental role and has a major impact on the quantity and the quality of the yield. Netafim’s precision irrigation helps increase pomegranate yield, along with its quality.



The challenge for pomogranate growers

  • Pomegranate is more prone to diseases and pests
  • Water and fertilizer management is of utmost importance, as an excess of both these resources could result in excess operational expenses
  • Excess and water and fertilizer application could impact the aeration levels at the root systems, and further result in the development of excess moisture. As a result, the crop could suffer from fruit cracking, pest attack, soil-borne and bacterial diseases
  • It involves a large number of activities and operations, which could increase operational costs and labour costs

How precision irrigation helps

  • Higher Yield
    Precision irrigation involves frequent fertigation in sufficient volumes based on the growth stages that result in the growth of the yield. The depth of irrigation is directly associated with the depth of the pomegranate root system. 80% of the feeding takes place in the 50-60cm depth. Precision irrigation helps prevent leaching of fertilizers beyond the feeding root zone. Adequate fertilizer use results in an increased pomogranate yield.
  • Eliminate Moisture Stress
    Precision irrigation eliminates moisture stress during the flowering and fruit setting stage. This guarantees optimal yield. Precision irrigation is the only irrigation system that waters the plant root zone frequently, which helps in maintaining stress-free moisture conditions.
  • Balance the Growth of Productiveness of Vegetation
    The balance between vegetative growth and productiveness is imperative while growing pomogranate. Precision irrigation acts as a solution to this need and offers both control and flexibility. This ensures that the crops receive sufficient quantities of water and fertilizers.
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Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

Growers stories

Meet the Pomegranate grower using precision irrigation.

Prataprao Kate growing export quality pomogrenates on undulated land.

"A good quality produce and minimum weed growth made possible due to drip solution."

Prataprao Kate

Pomegranate, Maharashtra

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