Increase tapioca yield with precision irrigation

Once a food crop, Tapioca has now transformed into raw material for industries, in the form of starch, livestock feed, and sago. Since Tapioca’s root system constitutes its commercial importance, soil-water management is critical to the yield of the tapioca crop.

Why precision irrigation for tapioca?

Precision irrigation helps in several ways. The foremost is through the maintenance of the right moisture levels at the desired depth. As a result, soil compaction/ harness could be nullified. This leads to improved root development in the soil and eventually results in an increment in the tuber yield as well. Secondly, precision irrigation is fundamentally based on supplying precise or the right quantities of nutrients and water to the crop root zone. This leads to minimized crop duration, and also in an improvement in the quality of the tuber. Moreover, precision irrigation can curb the number of pest and disease attacks, coupled up with reduced labour costs, and therefore investments.


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Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

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“The yield is very high in drip irrigated field when compared to flood irrigation and the harvest is within 9 months.”

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Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your tapioca?

Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your tapioca?

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