Main benefits


All included

Compact packaging with all required components such as driplines or sprinklers, sub main, valves, filters connectors etc.. (Exact contents depends on the kit).


User- friendly system – simple to install , operate and maintain

Requires no special skills or prior experience, step-by-step manual for simple and fast installation, and easy to operate and maintain.


Reliable and high performance

Durable irrigation parts components to bring high water efficiency and high performance for a variety of installation spacing.


Environmentally- friendly, efficient irrigation solution

Gravity powered irrigation system using low-cost energy sources. Saves water, keeps energy costs down, prevents water run-off, deep percolation, leaching and soil erosion.


Higher quality and yields

Precise and efficient application of water and nutrients directly to the root zone improves water and fertilizer distribution - for uniform and healthy crop growth.

Ideal product for your situation: