Increase cotton yield and lint quality with precision irrigation

What are the major concerns of every cotton grower? Yes, its yield and fibre quality! It is water management that largely impacts both these factors, which is why precision irrigation proves to be a modern and smart approach towards achieving the desired objectives when it comes to cotton cultivation in India.

The challenge for cotton cultivation

Maintaining moisture levels in the cotton field proves to be challenging. It could foster pest attacks and diseases. Hence, drip irrigation that maintains moisture levels is the best solution here. Besides, cotton farming in India, which is dependent on flood irrigation, could face challenges with flowering, ball development, and ball opening. These factors require balanced nutrition, a 95% germination rate, etc. and this is why cotton cultivation requires precision irrigation.

Why choose precision irrigation for cotton?

  • Lower Humidity for Improved Lint Quality
    Water is supplied to the cotton crop root and not to the canopy, as in the case of sprinkler irrigation systems. This keeps the humidity levels unaffected. This is significant when the first-floor bolls open. Lower the humidity conditions, better is the lint quality!
  • Cultivating the Right Cotton Plant
    The application of measured water dosage in precision irrigation helps to control and create flexibility to develop mild stress during specific growth periods. This helps cultivating an ideal plant with several bolls.
  • More Yield in Less Water
    In comparison to the conventional furrow, centre pivot irrigation and overhead sprinkler, drip irrigation can result in a 20% increment in the cotton yield per 1 cubic meter of water, despite diverse agro-ecological conditions and without affecting the lint quality.
  • Accurate Application of Fungicides directly to the Root Zone
    Fusarium wilt and Verticullum wilt are the major soil borne diseases affecting the cotton growth area. Precision fertigation, through the application of adequate amounts of fungicides, prevents these diseases.
  • Managing EC and pH of Irrigation Water
    Cotton plants tend to respond well to optimum EC and pH of irrigation water. The control of these factors helps increase the yield through precision irrigation.
Drip irrigation for quality cotton lint

Pradipbhai Gondalia increased cotton production by 50% with less water availability

"Drip irrigation is much more flexible and reduced time and now we can socialise with family."



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