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Control citrus yield and size with precision irrigation

Depleting freshwater resources, coupled up with weather vagaries, have always had an adverse effect on the growth of fruits including citrus. Growing a bigger fruit and in larger numbers has always been a confrontation for citrus growers. Precision irrigation serves the solution here, as it increases the production quantities and maintains the quality of the yield.

The challenge for citrus growers

As with all the other crops, yield and its quality have been the top concerns for citrus growers. Besides, irregular bearing is another major challenge that serves as the cause for low yield. Apart from this, because of improper irrigation, Phytophthora is a major disease that hampers crop yield to a large extent. Lastly, fruit drop is another important concern associated with nutrient management.


The solution for citrus

Why precision irrigation for citrus production?

  • Controlled Plant Development and Fruit Size
    Through controlled, consistent, and adequate irrigation to the plant root, precision irrigation prevents harmful water stress, to in turn avoid inhibited fruit growth and small fruit size.
  • Controlled Inputs
    Precision irrigation optimizes resources, as it prevents wastage of water and fertilizers through direct application to the plant root. This also avoids evaporation and leaching
  • Efficient Management at all times
    Digitalization helps with remote management of irrigation and plant nutrition. This refers to optimizing the agricultural practices in order to seek real-time information field information, cut down on labour costs, reduce operational hassles, complexities and cost.
  • Better Disease Control
    Adequate amounts of nutrients, the best fertilizers for citrus trees and water supply to the crop root avoid harmful diseases such as Gummosis, Die Back and Phytophthora.
  • Efficient Bahar Management
    As an evergreen plant, citrus demands Bahar treatment (stress treatment) to initiate the process of flowering. Drip irrigation works as a solution here, as it helps farmers facilitate optimal stress treatment within the minimal duration. This results in better Bahar management.



Citrus FAQs

  • Why should I choose drip irrigation over sprinklers?

    Drip irrigation enables optimal uniform soil moisture and outstanding aeration. It delivers water and nutrients directly to your crops’ root zone. Drip irrigation uses up to 40% less water and energy than sprinkler irrigation. Alternately, overhead sprinklers that scatter water over the canopy lead to water waste due to evaporation and run-off, as well as unwanted weed growth and high moisture levels that favor foliar diseases.  

  • How often should I irrigate citrus with drip irrigation?

    This depends on many factors, such as soil type, phonological stage, climate, tree age, etc. But usually in heavy soils, irrigation should be applied between 2-4 days, and in sandy/light soils irrigation should be applied daily.

  • What can Netafim offer me that other companies can't?

    Netafim combines irrigation expertise, with over 50 years of real-world involvement in the citrus growing regions of the Mediterranean, South Africa, USA, Australia and Brazil. This experience has enabled us to develop and implement solutions tailored to a broad range of parameters, such as climate, soil and water conditions, individual irrigation cultures and practices, and other environmental constraints.

  • Can drip irrigation systems be activated remotely?

    Drip irrigation can be easily combined with remote control and automation to make your irrigation more efficient. It is possible to add other digital tools, such as soil or weather sensors, to optimize your yields and resources. Learn more about our digital farming solutions.

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Growers stories

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Want to grow better citrus? Try Netafim Precision Irrigation now!

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