Conserve water and increase capsicum yield with precision irrigation

Capsicum, which is also known as green pepper, sweet pepper, etc., is one of the highest grown crops in India. It is best grown in a milder climate, however, can be grown in almost all the types of soils. Capsicum cultivation, nevertheless, has some challenges tethered to it. Of course, the weather is one important aspect, but it is the quality and the quantity of the yield, along with the higher investments of resources that predominantly confront capsicum growers across the country.

While the conventional techniques, often have been observed to be meeting with little success in delivering a higher capsicum yield, it is precision irrigation that offers a solution to almost every concern that capsicum growers are currently facing in the country. Through the modern irrigation techniques employed in precision irrigation, capsicum cultivation could result in lesser hassles and more profits for the farmers. Netafim’s precision irrigation is primarily aimed at simplifying capsicum cultivation and making it a profitable venture for capsicum growers.

Capsicum Growing Challenges

The foremost, of course, is the quality of the yield, and its quantity, which often goes down the drain on account of the conventional irrigation techniques that deliver water and nutrients, but not in the required quantities. So, the crop roots are either over hydrated or remain under-hydrated. Now, that’s just one concern though, the other ones being excessive use of priceless resources such as water, labor, fertilizers, etc. The excessive use of these resources ends up in excessive costs, thus increasing the investment, but which isn’t really substantially recovered, as the crop growth is never economically fruitful enough.

Besides, capsicum growers are, at times, compelled to cultivate a smaller chunk of land on account of hefty costs involved in transporting water to the cultivable land mass, and which again hampers the quantity of capsicum yield. But, Netafim’s precision irrigation is a guaranteed solution that helps capsicum growers all these challenges and ensures that the yield is high-quality and highly profitable as well.


Why precision irrigation for Capsicum?

Precision irrigation brings tangible results to capsicum cultivation, and therefore a lot of farmers across the country are resorting to precision irrigation. This is because precision irrigation offers vital nutrients, water and fertilizers directly to the crop root zone, and in the required quantities. It results in the following benefits to capsicum cultivation and also the cultivators.

  • Water saving of up to 20% to as high as 70%!
  • Controls the growth of weed.
  • Considerable savings on labor costs
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Operational flexibility and efficiency
  • Improves efficiency of the labor as well the fertilizers involved
  • Facilitates fertilizer injection through the system (fustigation)
  • Improves the quality of the capsicum yield
  • Helps grow capsicum even in undulated and poor quality soils.
  • Increases the possibilities of using saline water.
  • Increases the land under cultivation, thus fostering higher crop yield.

Netafim offers comprehensive and sustainable precision irrigation solutions that start from designing the precision irrigation system based on the land to be cultivated and other prevailing conditions. This ensures that the project meets success, regardless of the challenges.

Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

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Growers stories

Meet the people pioneering precision irrigation

Jagdish Gowda gets minimum around 40-50 tonnes of harvest per acre.

“Ever since Netafim introduced drip irrigation in my fields, my income after all the expenditure is around Rs. 10-15 lakhs per year.”

Jagdish Gowda

Capsicum, India

Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your capsicum

Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your capsicum

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