Micro Irrigation Subsidy : To make Farming more Profitable for Farmers!

Micro Irrigation Subsidy : To make Farming more Profitable for Farmers!

You're struggling with micro-irrigation subsidy, administration know-how or do not have access to the concerned authorities, We are here to help you!

Netafim Micro Irrigation Subsidy Support

If you are struggling with the administrative know-how, or perhaps, do not have access to the concerned authorities owing to various constraints such as time, money, or distance, etc. In such cases, Netafim offers micro-irrigation subsidy support that helps you fill applications, understand the micro-irrigation subsidy scheme for their respective state in a better way, and also send their applications to the concerned authorities for further processing. To date, Netafim has helped several farmers reach out to the concerned government authorities and reap the benefits of micro-irrigation subsidies in their respective state.

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojna

In India, micro-irrigation subsidy is covered under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojna (known as PMKSY), which was launched on 1st of July 2015 with an intention to encourage Micro-Irrigation and promote its benefits through heavier subsidies based on the category of farmers. It aims at relieving farmers off the initial irrigation investment burden to a considerable extent. PMKSY is a multi-focused plan comprised of 4 elements.

  • Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Program: It involves loan assistance to states to help them complete the incomplete major/ medium-sized irrigation projects that were at an advanced completion of the stage, thus accelerating the execution of the irrigation projects.
  • PMKSY (Har Khet ko Pani): This refers to increase the cultivable land area under assured irrigation, and also increase the physical access of water on the farm.
  • PMKSY (More Crop Per Drop): The focus here is improving water use efficiency in an organized and focused manner.
  • PMKSY (Watershed Development): This program focuses on prudent utilization of water and land resources, through various mediums such as prevention of soil erosion, increasing crop productivity, harvesting rainwater, etc.

Through the micro-irrigation subsidy proposition that falls under the Per Drop More Crop element of PMKSY, both state and the central government, on an average, contribute to 55% and 45% of the total finances incurred in setting up irrigation systems for small and marginal farmers and for other farmers respectively. Nevertheless, state-specific variations exist.

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NAFA Micro Irrigation Financial Support

For farmers who aren’t in a position to pay for the remnant amount of the total expenses incurred, Netafim offers financial support through Netafim Agricultural Financing Agency (NAFA). NAFA is a non-banking finance company offering customized financial solutions to farmers and other elements involved in the micro irrigation ecosystem. NAFA has helped with varying finances to farmers across the country, and have made micro-irrigation possible with even the financial lowermost strata of Indian farmers.

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