Top quality banana cultivation with drip irrigation

Achieving high-quality banana yield requires the best irrigation and fertilizer management systems. As with other crops, banana crop too requires a higher amount and higher quality yield. This is possible through precision irrigation. Right from achieving the perfect finger size to optimally extending the productive life of each plantation, precision irrigation helps you achieve every ideal condition and increase profits.

Why precision irrigation?

  • Reduce Climate Related Risks
    Precision irrigation helps lower climate-related risks and also risks associated with unpredictable factors detrimental to banana growth. It offers the right amount of water, nutrients to the banana crop root, thus making it possible for the cultivators to have control over the yield.
  • Catering to the Plant Requirement and Saving Resources
    Precision irrigation supplies the right quantity of water and nutrients to the plant roots, which therefore eradicates the need to spend excess resources to achieve a higher yield. This helps save on valuable resources, and therefore on operational costs as well.
  • Optimal use of Land
    Precision irrigation helps bring a comparatively large volume of land under irrigation. This subsequently helps to make optimal use of land and get the most of each and every hectare.

Banana FAQs

Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

Growers stories



Award winning farmer and an early drip adopter Prabhat Machchi endorses drip success.

 “Hassle free and superior farming results gives immense opportunity to grow.”

PrabhatBhai Machchi

Banana, Gujarat

Want to grow top quality bananas

Want to grow top quality bananas

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