Comprehensive Services for Irrigation Products and Solutions

Comprehensive Services for Irrigation Products and Solutions

The secret of Netafim’s success lies with its capabilities to offer technical and agronomical support to farmers. Netafim’s Indian venture too offers the same service propositions and service levels to help farmers tackle uncertainties to make farming a profitable occupation. 

Pre - Sales Services

Our pre-sales services include designing and conducting and surveying the land through our highly trained agro professionals, in order to offer the best, cost-effective and the most customized drip irrigation solutions to the Indian farmers.


Post - Sales Services

Installation of Drip Irrigation Systems: Installation of the drip irrigation system is closely associated with its performance, and also its efficiency and life in the long run. Our experts install drip irrigation systems with precision and in accordance with the crop requirement so that farmers eventually save on installation, operational and labour costs.

Training: Training constitutes to be a crucial part when it comes to empowering clients with the knowledge and technical expertise to operate drip irrigation systems. Client training involves training on making pressure checks, flushing and cleaning systems with acid treatment and chlorination, and others.

After Sales Support: Routine system maintenance is imperative to keep the systems running for a long time. Despite the latest clog-resistant dripper lines used in the modern times, agricultural water sources, nutrient injection practices, natural limitations of the filtration equipment, etc. make it imperative for farmers to conduct periodic maintenance of the dripper lines, and prevent them from contamination and clogging. Netafim’s after sales support ensures a prompt and punctual periodic maintenance of various systems involved in irrigation, thus maintaining the same efficiency levels throughout.

Agronomic Guidance: Netafim’s agronomists guide clients on choosing the right irrigation system suiting their specific requirements and the environment. Our agronomists play a crucial role in the dissemination of knowledge and information on micro-irrigation application technologies with an economically feasible crop pattern. Besides, they also help with other important aspects such as calculating the exact crop water requirement, advanced plantation techniques, protecting crops, nutrition delivery schedules in accordance with the soil type and the needs of the crops. Our objective through all this is to help farmers grow more in less!

Netafim Agricultural Financing Agency (NAFA)

NAFA was established with an aim to help farmers and other agricultural stakeholders with various customized financial solutions, involved in the value chain of micro-irrigation. NAFA intends to reach the smaller and marginal farmers of India through simple, timely and efficient financial solutions either in a direct manner or through stakeholders. NAFA is promoted by Netafim. Ltd., Israel, a worldwide leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions. Besides, Netafim Ltd is associated with two more experienced shareholders in the international as well as the domestic financial services sector.

NAFA aims and strongly believes in directing every effort towards achieving sustainable and realistic results, through the facilitation of easy, flexible and timely access to financial resources. The ultimate objective is to enable prospective farmers to resort to smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions, in turn, produce higher quantity and better-quality yield.

Need help finding the best services for your farm?

Need help finding the best services for your farm?

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