Improve your coffee production with precision irrigation

Coffee isn’t limited to India but is a major global crop that contributes to foreign exchanging earnings in a lot of developing nations, of course, which includes India as well. To turn coffee production, however, into a profitable business, and to keep up with the ever-increasing global demands, it is imperative that coffee growers exercise complete control over the crop yield, i.e. is control its quantity as well as quality. Precision irrigation, particularly, with partners like Netafim, proves to be a sure shot way to increasing coffee yield as well as improve its quality.

Precision irrigation for coffee

Precision irrigation, one of the modern irrigation techniques, as opposed to the conventional ones, results in a lot of benefits to coffee cultivators. It is a sustainable solution towards coffee cultivation, and therefore, its acceptance is increasingly growing across the country. Here’s how precision farming helps coffee cultivators.

  • Helps achieve crop uniformity and reduces the number of fruit abortions
  • Increases the cherry size, and ensures optimum crop potential
  • Helps graduate the cultivation from the initial planting to full-fledged commercial production in only three years, thereby bettering the Return on Investment
  • Supplies the required amount of water and nutrients to the crop root zone, thus avoiding nutrient deficiency, and leaching
  • Prevents water evaporation or run-off
  • The digital aspect involved in precision irrigation helps control agricultural activities remotely, and the availability of real-time information, anytime and anywhere, fosters quicker and informed decision making

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