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Community micro irrigation involves integration of farmers. This refers to differences between the area, crop, terrain, soil, and as micro irrigation is a relatively new concept in agriculture, it would require training, capacity building of all the associated farmers. Nevertheless, hand to hand support within farmers is a fundamental requisite for a better yield and a better quality yield.

In regard to community micro irrigation, Netafim offers the following services.

  • Soil and water testing
  • Land preparation
  • Crop selection and geometry
  • Fertigation, irrigation scheduling, pest and disease control measures
  • Post harvesting technologies
  • Building associations with agro-input companies
  • System operations and maintenance training


Eravelli Lift Irrigation Project, Telangana

Eravelli Lift Irrigation Project is the perfect example of how Netafim helps the conventional farmers and farm lands with the latest agricultural and irrigation techniques to help farmers grow more and grow better.

  • This project covers 1024 farmers and 1116 Ha of land.
  • Eravelli lift irrigation is a part of the ambitious model village project in the state of Telangana.
  • It is an integrated community drip irrigation project that involves water lifting, distribution with piped network, infield water application with drip irrigation system, centralized fertigation, wireless automation, and many others.
  • The entire lift irrigation project is centrally operated, controlled and monitored with the help of zone control rooms, with the latest wireless automation and fertigation units. The project is already installed, commissioned and already successfully operational.

Gotkhindi Project, Maharashtra

Gotkhindi is a region in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. This is the first community irrigation project. The principal water source (Krishna River) of Gotkhindi lies 6 km away from the Main Delivery Chamber (MDC). Irrigation was initially possible owing to the availability of electricity for 24 hours a day, however, which was later on reduced to 12 hours a day on account of load shedding. Netafim, in 2010, proposed the Water User Co-Operative Society to adopt drip irrigation system to improve the irrigation situation.

  • This has resulted in the following benefits.
  • Installed in commissioned in 2011
  • Irrigation has been organized and optimized
  • Farmers now received adequate quantities of water and nutrients to the crop
  • Comparatively, a higher land mass has come under cultivation
  • Crop yield has increased considerably
  • Cultivation costs have decreased
  • Water is now used efficiently


Bambawade Project, Maharashtra

Bambawade is a village in the Sangli district of India. The uniqueness of the project is with its lift that is designed entirely on drip. Bambawade project is comprised of many hi-tech equipment and systems installed to reap several farming benefits. These include the gravel filter as primary filter with automatic back flush system controlled by NMC Pro, Amiad Scan-Away semi-automatic filters as the secondary filter, automation with NMC XL and Radio net wireless system.

  • Netafim’s lift project in Bambawade has resulted in the following.
  • Higher sugarcane crop yield
  • Improved yield quality
  • Reduced dependencies on the conventional and uncertain farming tools and techniques


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