Potato is also one of the most widely grown crops in India. But, lately, potato growers have been confronted with concerns such as low crop yield and also deteriorating quality. Netafim’s Precision irrigation is a modern alternative that works as the solution here! It increases yield, enhances its quality, and helps control operational costs.


The challenge for potato growers

To grow potatoes, you need to stay in control of a lot of diverse factors such as weather, deteriorating soil quality, water scarcity, etc. And, if these factors weren’t enough, ever-increasing operational, fertilizer and labour costs, add to challenges of potato growers in India.

How precision irrigation helps

Growing potato through precision irrigation involves applying the technique of Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI), which delivers nutrients and water to the crop root, in precise and specific combinations. SDI helps save almost 20% of the irrigation water, and also facilitates the required quantities of water to the crop root, thereby fostering better and higher yield. SDI also eliminates water evaporation and reduces the chances of weed growth and occurrence of diseases. One of the USPs of precision irrigation is that it works with every soil, climate, and topography. This helps maintain the right nutrient and moisture levels, regardless of the prevalent internal and external conditions.

Precision works digitally as well! Yes, there’s a digital aspect to precision irrigation that helps you monitor your farmland, seek vital insights and potato yield through remote monitoring, control, and management.

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Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

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Vitthalbhai Dayabhai Patel has slashed his labour costs.

“I’m proud to be contributing greatly to protecting the environment.”

Vitthalbhai Dayabhai Patel

Potatoes & Bananas, India

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Precision irrigation for open field farms

Precision irrigation for open field farms

You’re trying to keep a delicate balance between smart risk-management and optimal crop growth. That’s the challenge of open field agriculture.

You need a solution that makes the best use of your land, time and resources, while guaranteeing consistent results in the field. A solution that’s right for your crop, soil, climate, topography, crop cycles and business model.

That’s where precision irrigation comes in.

Precision fertigation

Precision fertigation

Plant nutrition isn’t a matter of quantity – it’s a matter of efficiency. Precision fertigation delivers nutrients straight to the roots of each plant, in personalized combinations, with perfect timing. So you use fertilizer more efficiently and get the best return on your inputs. Even in cases where soil moisture is balanced and there is no need for additional irrigation, applying nutrients through your system allows you to give your crop what it needs, when it need it, to grow much higher yields.

Our products

Our products

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