Sugarcane is one of the extensively cultivated crops in India. Sugarcane farmers are always in the pursuit of higher crop yields, increased profitability, higher sucrose content, and an extended ratoon life, and reduced operational costs. Drip irrigation works as a solution here, which is why sugarcane farmers have been upgrading their farms to drip irrigation.

The challenge for sugarcane growers

Sugarcane yield has a strong reaction towards temperature, solar radiation and soil conditions. However, in an open farm field, temperature and radiation are beyond human control. Here, drip irrigation plays an instrumental role as it controls every drop of water and nutrient going to the crop, and that too at the right time, to result in higher amount and quality of yield, along with higher sucrose content and extended plant life.

How precision irrigation helps

Netafim’s Subsurface Drip Irrigation helps grow sugarcane yield through the supply of nutrients and water directly to the crop root, and in the required quantities and when required. SDI involves application of water with the help of emitters turned on the inner wall of the drip line. The typical discharge rate is 1.0 – 3.0 LPH, which is usually similar to the surface irrigation. SDI helps save water, promotes efficient use and application of fertilizers and pesticides, improves soil aeration, and keeps maintenance costs on the lower side. This results in increased crop yield, enhanced crop quality and an average of 4-5 ratoons. SDI works with every soil type, topographies, and climate. This helps maintain soil moisture and nutrient levels, regardless of the soil or climate conditions.

Through automation, you can remotely monitor, optimize, and irrigate your cane and get all the information associated with your field. Regardless, of wherever you are, you can ensure higher crop yield, better crop quality, and higher profits, along with reduced labour costs.

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Do you have more questions?

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Vinayak Patil tackled soil salinity and fertility issues through drip.


“I believe in Grow more with less concept for better yields and water use in sugarcane.”

Vinayak Patil

Sugarcane, Maharashtra

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Drip as a delivery system for sugarcane

Drip as a delivery system for sugarcane

Netafim solutios for irrigated sugarcane

Netafim solutios for irrigated sugarcane

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