Who we are

Netafim India was incepted in the year 1997 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netafim, the global leader in smart irrigation solutions and sustainable productivity. We offer a broad array of products and services such as micro-irrigation, greenhouse, community irrigation and digital farming solutions to farmers across the length and breadth of India. We operate 3 manufacturing plants, employ over 1000 people, and over the years, have developed a widespread network of over 2500 associates across India. Netafim India isn’t limited to India but has established its operational network across the Indian subcontinent.

Currently, we operate irrigation systems for over 23 lakh acres of land throughout the country and have offered extensive agronomic designs, after-sales support, and agricultural extension services to ensure sustainable prosperity for over 10.7 lakh farmers and their families across the country. And, still going strong! We are an active partner with several government projects including APMIP, GGRC, and TANHODA. Netafim has been revolutionizing agriculture, and have helped millions of farmers across the world to achieve optimized results.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Our Backbone

Helping the world grow more with less™

As the world’s leading irrigation company we will drive mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food,
water and land.

Our values

  • Dare 
  • Make it Happen 
  • Create an Impact 
  • Partner for Success

Our people

We value the significance of people and consider them as the driving forces of our organization. Our people share an exclusive bond with our growers, thus helping to bridge diverse geographies, cultures, languages, coupled up with a strong commitment towards growth. Our people are thorough experts in the area of drip irrigation and are committed towards spreading awareness about drip irrigation in India and the best cultivation practices. Our experts are comprehensive professionals who can customize drip irrigation solutions for every land type, crop and prevalent resource availabilities, thereby fostering sustainable agriculture.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers
Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Quality Policy

Why we’ll never drop our standards
At Netafim, commitment to quality is a core value. Starting with our employees, our uncompromising standards are applied to every facet of our business. From refining development procedures, through conducting exhaustive field tests, to optimizing production techniques, we’re committed to delivering high-quality products and services.

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Let’s grow together

We’re looking for people who dare to make an impact, feel inspired by our united purpose to help the world grow more with less™ and can make things happen, in a collaborative and partnership manner.

That’s what guide us in achieving our vision to fight scarcity of water, food and land.

If that sounds like you, then drop us a line and let’s grow together.

Join us!
Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Our global presence

There are 4,300 of us now, spread across 110 countries. We’ve got 29 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing plants worldwide.

To date, we’ve irrigated over ten million hectares of land, and produced over 150 billion drippers – for more than two million ambitious farmers.

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