Mobile-Based Drip Irrigation Control - Yes. It is Possible!

Abhijit Chavan
By Abhijit Chavan on 03-02-2023

While playing with his two-year-old son, Raju, a farmer based out of Tamil Nadu, gets an irrigation alert on his smartphone. He simply operates the irrigation and fertigation mechanism from his phone without stepping out in the scorching heat and continues playing with his child! That’s precisely digital farming, and it is revolutionizing the agricultural sector.

Complete Guide on Greenhouse Irrigation

Chandrakant Ramani
By Chandrakant Ramani on 27-01-2023

Are you about to set up a greenhouse irrigation system? Here is a guide that can help you discover the various aspects related to greenhouse irrigation.

How Can FlexNet™ and Streamline X Benefit Farmers?

Chandrakant Ramani
By Chandrakant Ramani on 13-12-2022

Transporting water from the source to the crop is a crucial challenge for many farmers across India. During this process, they lose a significant amount of water, with the crops receiving less than what they actually require. 

One of the most common reasons for such loss and deprivation of water is pipe leakages. Conventional pipes are prone to cause leakages due to bending or wearing off, which happens with time and because of weather conditions. In addition, identifying leakages and repairing them poses another challenge, as the pipelines are under the ground.

FlexNet™ vs. Lapeta Pipes – An Overview Comparison

Chandrakant Ramani
By Chandrakant Ramani on 30-11-2022

In India, many farmers struggle with crop yield and quantity. Surprisingly, it isn’t soil fertility but uneven water distribution that hampers the outcome in many such cases. Pipes play a decisive role in the latter. To save money, many farmers buy substandard pipes. They save some money momentarily but incur many tangible and intangible losses in the short and the long run.

FLEXNET™- The industry's only leak-proof flexible pipe

Chandrakant Ramani
By Chandrakant Ramani on 09-07-2021

An interview with Mr. Chandrakant Ramani about Netafim’s FLEXNET™ pipes - portable, leak-free main and submain pipes. It weighs less than half as much as other pipes, you can order it with customized pre-welded outlet spacing for your land, it is four times faster to install and it never leaks.

Innovation & collaboration drive change in India’s farming communities

Ramdas Battalwar
By Ramdas Battalwar on 19-02-2021

Six years ago, smallholder farming in the state of Karnataka was hardly a viable operation. Rainfall played a significant role in whether they succeeded in growing anything or nothing, whether they made a living or struggled. With no access to irrigation, farmers were confined to growing only one crop cycle, and couldn't risk diversifying to increase their profits. Add to this their limited access to capital, technology and markets and it's no wonder the livelihood of these farming families was so vulnerable. 

Budget 2021: Focussed implementation key to maximise impact of agriculture allocation

Randhir Chauhan
By Randhir Chauhan on 08-02-2021

The Union Budget 2021-22 as mentioned by the Finance Minister seems to be an extension of previous year’s mini and major budgets. While keeping the allocation relatively consistent, focussed more on infrastructural reforms. It goes in line with the proposal resting on 6 pillars of health and well-being, physical, financial capital and infrastructure, inclusive development for aspirational India, reinvigorating human capital, innovation and R&D and minimum government and maximum governance.

Why should Indian Coffee Producers go for Drip Irrigation?

Posted on 06-10-2020

Despite challenges, some Indian coffee producers, especially those from Karnataka, are creating hopes for coffee producers. Through drip irrigation, these coffee producers have been cultivating top-quality coffee. They’ve been helping Indian coffee retain its reputation in the global coffee market. This blog talks about a couple of such inspiring coffee success stories that encourage other Indian coffee producers to produce more coffee through drip irrigation.

The Success Story of Mr. Parthasarathy, the Award-Winning Rice Farmer from Tamil Nadu!

Posted on 29-09-2020

Mr. Parthasarathy, the award-winning rice farmer from Govindapuram, Tamil Nadu. His success story as an innovative rice cultivator exemplifies and inspires other rice producers of the state. Drip irrigation constitutes one of the most significant elements of his success. So, this blog focuses on how Mr. Parthasarathy increased the yield of CR1009, JKRH33, and COR-52 rice how he increased his income with a new cropping system approach (Rice-Maize-Onion) through drip irrigation.

Will Rice Save the World?

Naty Barak
By Naty Barak on 19-03-2020

Rice is, by far, the most important food crop in the developing world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Not fruits or vegetables, or wheat, or meat. Rice. Rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and dense in dietary fiber, rice is inexpensive to buy, easy to prepare and filling. As such, it is an important contributor to food security in some of the poorest, hungriest countries.

The Future of Farming: Smart Community Irrigation Solutions

Vikas Sonawane
By Vikas Sonawane on 19-03-2020

The world has been living in the ignorant belief for centuries that “We’ll always have enough water for ourselves” Water is essential for life.  However, the unthinkable has unfortunately happened, and right now 43 countries, which comprise about 700 million people across the globe, are facing worrying levels of water crisis. The United Nations further estimates that as early as 2025, two-thirds of the population of the world will be suffering in water-stressed regions.

I had almost given up on Farming, but Netafim’s Digital Farming Solution changed my life! – Krishna Patil, Netafim’s Happy Farmer from Maharashtra

Tushar Karande
By Tushar Karande on 18-11-2019

Krishna Patil, the farmer, embraced digital farming, and precision irrigation with the help of Netafim and NAFA. We recently interviewed him to gather his feedback on how digital farming helped him improve crop production, make accurate projections, and how his life, as a whole, has changed on account of this big step.

The Agricultural Revolution- Beyond Precision

Prateek Sah
By Prateek Sah on 15-10-2019

By 2030, around 600 million people in India will face minimal food availability with the current rate of agricultural productivity growth. To counter this problem, it needs an exponentially developing technology like Artificial Intelligence to bridge the gap and deliver sustainable results. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology of low-cost prediction and discovery. It exploits the new resource of the digital age to identify patterns and make predictions. In countries like India that lack required human capital in fields like agricultural science and lower coverage of adequate information, AI presents a vast opportunity for companies to leverage the solutions and deliver better results for the farmers.

How Innovation in Agritech is Empowering Women in the Developing World

Naty Barak
By Naty Barak on 14-05-2019

In developing countries, women bear the brunt of every load. Literally. They birth and raise their children, are responsible for the home, its cleanliness and provisions, and head out to the fields to earn their families’ daily wages. Yet, although women make up nearly halfof the agricultural labor force in these countries, they tend to have lower rates of land ownership than men, as well as less access to lines of credit, markets and technology, leading them to generate 20% to 30% lower yields than their male counterparts.

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