Embracing Innovation: The Role of Automation in Farming

Abhijit Chavan
By Abhijit Chavan on 10/06/2024

In the realm of modern agriculture, the integration of technology has revolutionized traditional farming practices. Among the myriad advancements, automation stands out as a pivotal tool reshaping the landscape of agricultural production. At its core, automation embodies the application of technology to monitor and control processes and services, optimizing the interaction between humans and machines.


Sachin Kale
By Sachin Kale on 05/06/2024

Application of water soluble, chloride free fertilizers via pressurised irrigation system creating nutrient medium at the root system.

Fertigation is a method of fertilizer application with the irrigation water by the drip system. In this system, fertilizer solution is distributed evenly in irrigation water. The availability of nutrients is very high therefore the efficiency is more. In this method, liquid fertiliser as well as water soluble fertilisers are used. By this method, fertilizer use efficiency is increased from 80 to 95 percent.

Precision Farming Vs Traditional Farming Comparative Analysis

Prashant Pancholi
By Prashant Pancholi on 04/05/2024

Precision agriculture farming and traditional agriculture farming are two different approaches to agriculture, each with its methodologies and results. Traditional farming represents conventional agriculture practices that farmers have been using for centuries, while precision farming leverages advanced technologies to increase productivity and efficiency in agriculture. In the past years, numerous technological advancements have been made in agriculture to improve crop production and increase the output of farmer efforts.

An Affordable Solution for Home Gardeners with Netafim's Garden Irrigation Kit

Sanket Belgudri
By Sanket Belgudri on 03/05/2024

Are you passionate about sustainable gardening but find yourself constrained by budgetary concerns? You're certainly not alone. Many home gardeners struggle to balance their desire for environmentally friendly practices with the high costs associated with sustainable gardening materials.

In today's world, sourcing sustainable gardening materials often comes at a premium, making it difficult for enthusiasts to maintain their commitment to eco conscious practices without putting a strain on their finances.

Top 10 Benefits of Netafim FlexNet™ Flexible Pipe

Nikhil Mogarekar
By Nikhil Mogarekar on 30/04/2024

Irrigation pipes play a decisive role in the efficiency and effectiveness of a drip irrigation system. Hence, you need reliable irrigation pipes that can sustainably support your irrigation endeavors. FlexNet™ is one such trustworthy drip irrigation product. It has resulted from Netafim’s extensive research, knowledge, and unfathomable understanding of Indian irrigation needs and landscape.

Maintenance Of Drip Irrigation System to Improve Agriculture Crop Yield

Sandeep Jawalekar
By Sandeep Jawalekar on 23/04/2024

Drip irrigation is a technology that requires perfection in Hydraulic design, Agronomic knowledge, and overall experts in Precision Agriculture. Netafim an Orbia group of company is working for the last 58 years to serve the farming community to Grow More with less.
Drip Irrigation not only saves water, Fertilizer, Labour, and Fertilizer, Power but also increases the quality & yield of Crops. Drip irrigation can be said to be successful only when a Precision amount of Water & Fertilizer can be applied at the Root zoon of the crop.


Sachin Kale
By Sachin Kale on 05/04/2024

In the Summer season, farmers face unique challenges in protecting their plants from various environmental stressors such as heat, drought, pests and diseases, weeds physical damage. 

Implementing effective crop strategies is crucial to ensure a successful harvest and maintain farm profitability.

In this post, we will explore some practical tips and techniques that farmers can employ to safeguard their crops during the hot summer months.

GrowSphere™ MAX - Enhancing Agriculture with Precision Irrigation & Fertigation

Abhijit Chavan
By Abhijit Chavan on 03/04/2024

GrowSphere™ MAX - Enhancing Agriculture with Precision Irrigation & Fertigation

GrowSphere™ MAX is an intuitive and simple-to-use controller. It is designed to have the grower’s perspective of farming operations. The GrowSphere™ MAX regulates water and fertilizer delivery in a precision irrigation system. Managing local and remote devices such as pumps, main valves, field valves, and other hydraulic components, ensuring crops receive the optimal amount of water and nutrients at all times.

Understanding The Features That Determine Dripper Success

Prashant Pancholi
By Prashant Pancholi on 22/03/2024

Key Features Defining Dripper Success in Irrigation Systems  

When technical dripper data is shared, we are confronted by terms that describe certain engineering features, namely K (A); X (B); KD; K (Turbulence coefficient), and Filtration area. These features determine how well a dripper does its job. Understanding them enables us to compare how different drippers do the same job.

Optimal Dripline Selection: Choosing the Best Drippers for Crop Growth

Prashant Pancholi
By Prashant Pancholi on 14/03/2024

Dripline selection is about making the right choice after considering the main aspects. These include crop spacing, crop type, land topography, crop duration, and soil type. Also, it is advisable to opt for quality products to get the most from your investment. Whether you have to choose between a thin wall drip system, a heavy wall drip system, a modern dripper, or a basic dripper, make sure to go with quality products. The market offers a wide array of options, each with its unique attributes and applications.

Optimising Crop Growth: The Positive Impact of Sprinkler Irrigation in Successful Farming

Nikhil Mogarekar
By Nikhil Mogarekar on 22/02/2024

“Every drop of water is a breath of life for the earth”. In modern agriculture, the  efficiency of irrigation practices is a necessity more than convenience.

Flood irrigation, an ancient technique, relies on spreading water across fields, utilising gravity to distribute it evenly. This simple method has been the backbone of agricultural practices in numerous cultures. It remains relevant in areas where water is abundant and fields are conducive to this type of irrigation.

The Future of Farming - An Introduction to Automatic Irrigation System and Automated Drip Irrigation

Sachin Kale
By Sachin Kale on 20/06/2023

In India, farming has come a long way. Across many regions in the country, it has royally evolved from completely weather-dependent to irrigation- and digitally-driven. Of course, we have got miles to go. But we cannot afford to miss discussing transformations happening in due course and their benefits. Let us do that.

Valve Automation for Drip and Sprinkler System

Chandrakant Ramani, Sr.
By Chandrakant Ramani on 20/06/2023

Automation is the need of the hour, regardless of the application in which it is used. Agriculture or irrigation hasn’t remained an exception to it. In an age where the world struggles with concerns like water scarcity, depleting natural resources, and increasing food demands, automation proves a solution that augments irrigation efficiency and helps reap numerous benefits. Value automation is one such revolutionary technology. Let’s look at some benefits of value automation for drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Light weighted Agricultural Irrigation Pipe – FlexNet Flexible Pipe

Sanket Belgudri
By Sanket Belgudri on 16/06/2023

Agricultural irrigation is a vital aspect of farming that contributes to the production of crops and food around the world. In recent years, the focus has been on developing efficient and sustainable irrigation systems that save water and are easy to manage. One of the innovations that have come about is the development of lightweight agricultural irrigation pipe, and one of the most popular is the Netafim FlexNet Pipe, a Flexible Pipe.

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