Portable Drip Kit: Drip Irrigation Kits for Efficient Drip Irrigation and precision Irrigation by Netafim

Portable Drip Kit: Drip Irrigation Kits for Efficient Drip Irrigation and precision Irrigation by Netafim

The Most Advanced and Affordable Drip Irrigation Kit Solution for Small Farmers. Enhance farming efficiency with our Portable Drip Kit, suitable for small & marginal farmers. Opt for precision agriculture with our innovative drip irrigation kits.

What is Netafim Portable Drip Kit All About?

As the name suggests, Netafim Portable Drip Kit is a comprehensive set of all the components you will require to install a drip irrigation system for your farm. Some essential items in the drip irrigation kit include a filtration unit, FlexNet™ flexible pipe, and streamline (dripline).

Why Choose Netafim Portable Drip Kit?

Netafim Portable Drip Kit can prove an asset considering the convenience it offers and the value it delivers to farmers. But precisely, why should you choose the Netafim Portable Drip Irrigation Kit if you are looking for a comprehensive drip irrigation solution?  

Let’s look at some reasons that make its importance evident for drip irrigation kit:

Affordable Solution.png Affordable Solution

The drip irrigation kits are highly cost-effective and save a lot of money otherwise spent in buying each of the drip irrigation kit components individually. Thus, small farmers must certainly consider leveraging it to curb their overall agricultural investments.  

Ease of Installation.png Ease of Installation

Installing a drip irrigation system using the drip kit is straightforward and quick. FlexNet has factory-fitted outlets. This allows farmers to install it themselves, reducing the need for additional labor and lowering associated costs for drip kits.    

Multi-Crop Suitability.png Multi-Crop Suitability

Small farmers, who intend to grow inline crops like sugarcane, cotton, vegetables, etc., on around half an acre to 2 acres of land, can choose Netafim Portable Drip Kit.

Portability.png Portability

The drip irrigation kit is named Portable Drip Kit, as it is portable, flexible, and can be transported from one place to another with minimal effort, arrangement, and cost. Thus, farmers don’t have to hire expensive transport to carry the entire drip irrigation kits.

Space-Friendly.png Space-Friendly

The drip irrigation kit is compact and doesn't need a lot of storage space. It is space-friendly, making it convenient for farmers to store in small areas.

No Trenching Required.png No Trenching Required

Netafim Portable Drip Kit eliminates the need to dig trenches, thus saving effort, labor costs, and the overall time required to install the drip irrigation system.

List of Products in the Portable Drip Irrigation Kit

Here’s what you will get in the Netafim Portable Drip Kit for 1 Acre.