Explore the Versatility of Flexi Sprinkler Kit by Netafim India

Explore the Versatility of Flexi Sprinkler Kit by Netafim India

A complete kit for Sprinkler Irrigation


Increase Profitability with Netafim Sprinkler Kit.

Easy to Transport | Leakage Free | No Rusting | Uniform water Distribution | Unique 3D Arm Sprinkler

Sprinkler irrigation is one of the most widely applied irrigation techniques. It helps farmers bring and cover a larger cultivable area under irrigation in crops such as Groundnut, Potato, Wheat, etc.

But often, some sprinkler irrigation kits that farmers use affect irrigation efficiency, resulting in massive water losses and uneven water distribution. Consequently, it affects crop yield and efficiency, affecting profitability and defeating the purpose of irrigation.

But not anymore! You now have Netafim’s Flexi Sprinkler Kit

About Netafim Flexi Sprinkler Kit

Netafim Flexi Sprinkler Kit is a well-researched and innovative sprinkler irrigation solution. It comes with D-Net, an innovative 3D ARM impact nozzle & FlexNet, a flexible and lightweight piping solution. Collaboratively, both these offerings help farmers achieve excellent irrigation efficiency.

Why Choose Netafim Flexi Sprinkler Kit?

While guaranteeing high performance, Netafim Flexi Sprinkler Kit benefits farmers in various ways. It helps them resolve many conventionally faced issues, which otherwise affect irrigation efficiency, crop yield, quality, and thus profits.

Here are some reasons why every farmer looking to augment sprinkler irrigation efficiency should choose Netafim Flexi Sprinkler Kit.

Ease of Installation.png Ease of Installation

All the products, parts, and accessories required for installation and operation are included in the kit together with simple assembly instructions.

Leakage Free.png Leakage Free

The high production standards and fittings enable the entire system to be completely free of any leakages.

Uniform Water Distribution.png Uniform Water Distribution

The innovative 3-D arm technology of D-Net allows uniform water distribution to all plants in the field.

Affordable Solution.png Affordability

The kit is highly affordable and suitable for small and marginal farmers and comes in various Models. Suitable for small farms.

Rust Free.png Rust Free

D Net Nozzle is made up of weatherproof plastic material which enables the system to be rust-free.

Lightweight and Portable.png Lightweight and Portable

The flexible FlexNet pipe is lightweight and enables the entire system to be easily moved from one location to another.


Easy to Maintain.png Easy to Maintain

Due to fewer moving parts, the entire system is easy to maintain.

Multi-Crop Suitability.png Low Labor Cost

As the FlexNet flexible pipe is lightweight and easy to install so the number of labor required is quite less.

Flexi Sprinkler Kit – Sizes Available

Sprinkler Kit Variants

FLEXI SPRINKLER KIT 2"x50M (5 Nozzles)

FLEXI SPRINKLER KIT 3"x50M (5 Nozzles)

FLEXI SPRINKLER KIT 2"x100M (8 Nozzles)

FLEXI SPRINKLER KIT 3"x100M (8 Nozzles)