ArrowFlow Garden Irrigation Kit

ArrowFlow Garden Irrigation Kit

ArrowFlow Garden Irrigation Kit is designed to make gardening easier and to ensure your plants stay healthy. All you need to do is turn on your taps and Arrow dripper delivers water directly to the roots of your plants, efficiently and conveniently.

Arrow Dripper garden kit powered by Netafim and backed by over 50 years of trusted technology, is revolutionizing gardening. You can customize the layout by placing multiple drippers based on your plant's size and watering system needs. It enhances your comfort & efficiency as it can be used for the mass quantities of plants.  

It helps take care of your kitchen gardens, nurseries, and indoor gardens. All the products, parts, and accessories required for installation and operation are included in the garden kits together with simple assembly instructions.

Why Choose ArrowFlow Garden Irrigation Kit?

  • Flexibility- Allows placement of drippers exactly where necessary and multiple drippers as per a plant’s size
  • High Clogging Resistance - With self-cleaning labyrinth that flushes debris throughout operation.
  • TurboNet™ Flow – Labyrinth ensures wide passages, to increase flushing efficiency.
  • Effortless installation, connecting seamlessly to micro-tubes, perfect for container placement.
  • Simple and easy product maintenance

List of Products in the ArrowFlow Garden Irrigation Kit