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Orbia’s Precision Agriculture Business Netafim Announces a Strategic Collaboration with E20 Investment to Foster Advanced Agriculture in the United Arab Emirates and Globally

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Aug 15, 2023Netafim, an Orbia business and a global leader in precision agriculture solutions,  today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UAE-based E20 Investment to pave the way for a future joint venture. This partnership aims to drive sustainable agriculture practices and advance precision irrigation solutions both in the UAE and globally that address food security challenges.    

Signing ceremony

The future joint venture is intended to leverage the strengths and expertise of Orbia Netafim and E20 Investment through its subsidiary Agritek, a leading agricultural project developer. The venture will focus on mitigating intensifying global desertification through the efficient use of precision irrigation, the integration of digital tools in agriculture and landscaping projects and initiatives. Additionally, the businesses will explore opportunities across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia to address food security.

Chief Executive Officer of E20 Investment Sultan Al Jaberi said, "We are excited to join forces with Orbia Netafim to embark on a journey with a joint venture to locally manufacture Netafim systems and solutions. The MOU represents a significant step towards empowering the local and regional growers developing more sustainable agricultural practices to optimize their crop yields and overall efficiency. It reflects our dedication to investing in innovative agricultural solutions on a global scale.”

Orbia Precision Agriculture Senior Vice President of APAC Elad Levi added, "Building on Netafim’s strong presence in the region, the partnership will also contribute to the advancement of sustainable agriculture practices across the Middle East and North Africa. By co-developing large-scale farming projects that address food security and mitigate desertification, our work together represents a significant step towards creating a more sustainable future, locally and globally." 

Signing ceremony

Standing, from left to right: Pramendra Gang, CIO of E20, Nehayet Rasoul, COO of Agritek, Abed Masarwa,
Netafim Vice President of Products & Extensive Crops, Aviv Kurtz, Netafim Projects & Customers Manager

Seating: Sultan Al Jaberi, CEO of E20 Investment, Elad Levi, Orbia Precision Agriculture Senior Vice President of APAC 

About Orbia 

Orbia is a company driven by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world. Orbia operates in the Polymer Solutions (Vestolit and Alphagary), Building and Infrastructure (Wavin), Precision Agriculture (Netafim), Connectivity Solutions (Dura-Line) and Fluorinated Solutions (Koura) sectors. The five Orbia business groups have a collective focus on expanding access to health and well-being, reinventing the future of cities and homes, ensuring food, water and sanitation security, connecting communities to information and enabling the energy transition with basic and advanced materials, specialty products and innovative solutions. Orbia has a global team of over 24,000 employees, commercial activities in more than 100 countries and operations in over 50, with global headquarters in Boston, Mexico City, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. The company generated $9.6 billion in revenue in 2022. To learn more, visit: orbia.com. 

About Orbia Precision Agriculture (Netafim) 

Orbia’s Precision Agriculture business Netafim is the world’s largest irrigation company and a global leader in precision agriculture solutions that address food, water and land scarcity for a sustainable future. Founded in 1965, Orbia Netafim pioneered the drip revolution, creating a paradigm shift toward precision irrigation. Today, by specializing in end-to-end solutions from the water source to the root zone, Orbia Netafim delivers irrigation and greenhouse projects as well as landscape and mining irrigation solutions supported by engineering, project management and financing services. Orbia Netafim is also leading the way in digital farming, irrigation and fertigation through integrating real-time monitoring, analysis and automated control into one state-of-the-art system. With 33 subsidiaries, 19 manufacturing plants, 2 recycling plants and more than 5,000 employees worldwide, Orbia Netafim delivers innovative, tailor-made irrigation and fertigation solutions to millions of farmers, allowing smallholders to large-scale agricultural producers and investors in over 110 countries to grow more with less™. To learn more, visit Netafim.com

About E20 Investment 

E20 Investment, established in 2019, and based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), specializes in investing in and operating farms and processing facilities across the globe, with a particular focus on Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. The company brings a wealth of knowledge from various corners of the world, highlighting international expertise in the agricultural industry. To learn more, visit: e20.ae. 

About Agritek 

Agritek provides complete smart agriculture solutions to help farmers grow and develop more sustainable farms through agricultural best practices. Agritek offers sustainable solutions for farmers looking to use equipment more efficiently, improve the quality and quantity of their production, minimize the impact on the environment, as well as reduce risks associated with extreme weather conditions and climate change. To learn more, visit: Agritek.ae.