Netafim: Revolutionizing Rice Cultivation with Drip Irrigation

In a groundbreaking shift from traditional farming methods, Netafim, Orbia Precision Agriculture Business is transforming rice agriculture through the introduction of drip irrigation, a method that significantly conserves water and reduces methane emissions. This innovative approach sets new standards in the industry by helping farmers produce more with less, thereby making agriculture more sustainable and efficient. 

Netafim's partnership with rice farmers across various countries has yielded impressive results, with significant reductions in water usage and greenhouse gas emissions. By implementing drip irrigation systems, Netafim not only enhances crop production but also provides a sustainable solution to the challenges posed by climate change and water scarcity. 

The strategic adoption of this technology has the potential to drastically decrease global methane emissions and improve the livelihoods of farmers by increasing crop yields and reducing operational costs. As the world's leading provider of irrigation solutions, Netafim continues to pioneer technologies that support sustainable agriculture and ensure food security for future generations. 

Read the full interview with Max Moldavsky, Neafim’s Director of Innovation and Climate Solutions: Revolutionizing Rice Cultivation: Drip by Drip — Water Initiative for Net Zero (water4netzero.cc)