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Netafim mega agri-business project in Rwanda is a game-changer for both farmers and investors.

The Gabiro Agribusiness Hub project is the first of its kind - a WeWork for agriculture, providing ready-to-farm land with full access to water and energy networks. This innovative project takes center stage in a new episode of CNBC Africa’s 'Doing Business in Rwanda,' which highlights Rwanda's investments in precision farming. 

The Gabiro Agribusiness Hub is a joint venture of Netafim, Orbia’s Precision Agriculture Business, and the Rwandan Government. It is guided by the shared commitment to fight the scarcity of food, water, and land for a sustainable future through the deployment of precision irrigation.  

This project will enable the year-round production of high-quality agricultural produce without depending on rainfall, and it will create as many as 2500 jobs. Leasing fees from investors will inject money back into the community, fostering food and financial security, and enhancing the long-term sustainability of local and national agricultural efforts. 

Tune in to learn how this pioneering agribusiness model is creating a new paradigm for meeting the pressing challenges of climate change and achieving food security.