Netafim at the Africa CEO Forum: Pioneering Agricultural Transformation in Africa

Gaby (Gabriel) Miodownik, President & CEO of Netafim, Orbia Precision Agriculture Business, along with the company’s SVP of EMEA, Gal Yarden, participated in the Africa CEO Forum, the largest private sector international conference focused on shaping Africa's future.
During the forum, they met with the Prime Minister of Ivory Coast, Mr. Robert Beugré Mambé, to discuss the transformative role of precision agriculture solutions in promoting sustainable agriculture and enhancing food security in Africa.
Additionally, Netafim’s President and CEO was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion where he showcased the Gabiro Agribusiness Hub. He emphasized the importance of technological advancements and public-private partnerships in transforming African agriculture, empowering smallholders, and promoting food security.
Netafim has been actively engaged in Africa for over three decades, offering agronomic support and precision irrigation tools to both smallholder communities and large-scale farms. Our focus has consistently been on leading projects and initiatives that create a win-win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved: local governments, agricultural investors, and smallholder communities.
These projects serve as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of innovation, technology, and collaboration in fostering prosperity, sustainability, and food security. Together, we are making a meaningful impact and driving positive change in Africa’s agricultural landscape.