Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

O&M is our comprehensive system-management plan. You purchase your irrigation system. Netafim operates and maintains it for you.

Netafim operates your irrigation system to its highest capacity. You maximize your return on investment and save time sourcing and training external experts.

How O&M works

  1. You purchase your irrigation system from Netafim
  2. Your system is managed by Netafim for a set monthly fee
  3. Netafim responsible for operation and maintenance
  4. Netafim supports your farm on a long-term basis (3-5 years)

Complete peace of mind

For a fixed, transparent monthly or quarterly fee, Netafim takes full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of your irrigation and fertigation system.


Securing your ROI

By leaving your irrigation to the experts you’re gaining the reassurance your system will work from Day 1 without the usual learning curve. It provides peace of mind and a faster return on your agricultural investment.


An operational plan from irrigation experts

O&M provides continuous irrigation operation, with a 24/7 irrigation and fertilization schedule managed by a Netafim irrigation manager.


Agronomic expertise

Our agronomy team will develop an irrigation and fertigation protocol perfectly suited to your crop, climate, soil condition and water quality. We are world leaders in agronomy and can help you maximise your agricultural investment like no-one else.


Reduce your hiring costs

With O&M you eliminate the cost and time it takes to find and hire your own irrigation experts. Netafim will cover this, lowering your risk and freeing up your time.


The foundation for long-term success

A typical O&M contract lasts 3-5 years, giving you stability and maximum chance of success. If you plan to manage your system in the long-term, 3-5 years also provides a valuable interim period for training your team alongside Netafim experts.

Ready To Grow?

Ready To Grow?

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