Fertikit™ 5G with GrowSphere™ MAX

A highly precise and modular system powered by advanced control - optimizes yields while saving costs.

Fully configurable and highly cost-effective fertilizer/acid dosing unit, which includes the new intuitive and simple-to-use GrowSphere™ MAX controller, is designed for precise Nutrigation™. FertiKit™ 5G maximizes the usage of available water flow rates and pressures on the main irrigation line, ensuring the highest efficiency while managing local and remote devices. It provides the crops with the optimal amount of water and nutrients.

Discover GrowSphere™:
The Operating System for Precision Irrigation

What Can You Gain with Fertikit™ 5G?

Cost Effectiveness

Fertikit™ 5G offers rapid ROI with minimal investment.

Advanced Control

Fertikit™ 5G puts you in charge of plant nutrition, enhancing crop yield and quality.


Available in 8 models to fit any hydraulics conditions and irrigation systems.

Modular Design

Customize your system with Fertikit™ 5G's smart modular product range.

Easy Installation

Plug & Play system with no moving parts or maintenance required.


Built with high-quality components and materials for long-lasting performance.


Achieve precise nutrigation adjustments with guaranteed EC and pH control.

Crop Optimization

Enhance plant nutrition accuracy with six highly accurate dosing channels.


  • Offers up to 6 Quick-action and highly accurate dosing channels of 50-1,000 l/hr

  • Scales to system flow rates from 1m3/hr to 700m3/hr and up to 8 bar pressure 

  • Easily integrates with a Wide range of accessories and peripherals.

  • Highest-quality components including stainless steel pumps, EC/pH measure, electric valves, PVC accessories

  • Made of aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame with adjustable legs and PVC piping

  • From 0.1Ha to 400Ha, suitable from nurseries to open field crop

Other Fertigation models

Fertikit™ 3G

Fertikit™ 3G

Fertikit™ 3G is a highly versatile, accurate dosing system for net houses, open fields, and orchards, requiring minimal investment. A CE-compliant system available in 7 models, including two without a booster pump, Fertikit™ 3G is suitable for a vast range of irrigation system capacities.



FertiOne™ is a fully configurable, simple-to-operate single-channel fertilizer/acid fertigation system. It ensures the highest efficiency with minimum investment, positioning it as cost-effective solution to take precision fertigation to the next level.

NetaFlex™ 3G

NetaFlex™ 3G

NetaFlex™ 3G is a fully homogeneous multi-channel dosing solution suitable for greenhouses both in soil and soilless environments., NetaFlex™ 3G features a state of the art open-tank dosing system, which ensures extremely precise, uniform nutrient dosing.

NetaJet 4G™

NetaJet 4G™

Suitable for greenhouses and net houses in both soil and soilless media, NetaJet 4G features a unique analog dosing valve to ensure highly-accurate and reliable EC/pH control.

Want to improve your bottom line?

Want to improve your bottom line?

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