Vegetable Stand

Netafim's vegetable stands are designed to last. They are very simple and versatile sprinklers that can be paired with a large array of 1/2'' sprinklers. Netafim's vegetable stands are great for classic use in open field. They are also the product of choice to use with our PE and FlexNet™ pipes thanks to their unique "click and play" F&S Fast & Safe connector. Installed in minutes, they can also be easily disassembled and stored for their next use.

Benefits & Features


Fast & Safe

Easy to assemble and disassemble with a unique F and S Fast and Safe connector suitable for use with FlexNet™ distribution pipe or PE distribution pipe.


Variable Stand Height

Can be assembled with 8mm metal rod to achieve variable heights of the sprinkler above the ground, up to sprinkler's height of 1.0 meter above the ground.


Robust & Durable

Designed to provide a robust sprinkler operation, with the ability to reuse for many years.


High Reliability & Longevity

Made of high-quality materials to offer resistance to all agrochemicals and weather conditions

Sprinklers Heads to Pair with Netafim's Vegetable Stand for Pre-Cut PE and FlexNet™ pipes

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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