ScreenGuard Filters:
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Groundwater or harsh water can pose a real challenge to the efficient operation of your sprinkler irrigation system, and the productivity of your investment. Thanks to its industry-leading filtration area and low back-flush cycle, ScreenGuardTM automatic, semi-automatic and manual filters ensure uncompromised filtration, uniform flow uniformity and higher yields over the long-term, while significantly lowering your filtration operating costs.

Screen filters - ScreenGuard™ | Netafim

The Lean & Mean Filtration Machine

Screen filters - ScreenGuard™ | Netafim

When should you choose to use ScreenGuard™ filters?

Screen filters are highly recommended for irrigation using poor quality water, for heavy-duty usage, and in the following conditions:

  • Primary filtration for well water and/or single use dripline applications in multiple water sources
  • Primary filtration for micro and open field sprinkler applications in various water sources
  • Primary filtration for landscaping applications


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