PREMIUM tomatoes are now being grown for export in Azerbaijan by a new-to-agriculture player in a high-tech structure with the greenhouse expertise provided by Netafim’s local greenhouse projects team.

stated a spokesman for Kaskad.

“We chose to execute this project with Netafim because of their impressive greenhouse projects track record in our country and because their local support team is available to us 24/7.” 

stated a spokesman for Kaskad.

First foray into agriculture

A leading water conveyance equipment manufacturer in Azerbaijan was looking to diversify into agriculture. They needed a partner with relevant experience and expertise to guide them from start to finish. Netafim offered that and more, with its own Azerbaijani-based local team.

The results have been phenomenal. This year, the company began cultivating tomatoes on their five-hectare site, and will now be exporting their produce to neighboring Russia.


Netafim Greenhouse Solution:  Netafim’s polyethylene structure increases energy efficiency

Netafim’s energy efficient approach and interplanting have been key to the success of this project, located in Naftalan, the oil and gas city 200 miles from the capital Baku.

In the design and planning phase, Netafim recommended a highly-durable polyethylene structure with polycarbonate external walls and energy saving screen.  This greenhouse solution provides excellent heat conservation, while reducing expenditure on gas-powered heating.

Inside the greenhouse, Netafim installed a state-of the-art control system that takes care of the climate and irrigation.  NetaFlex, a new Nutrigation system, delivers precisely-regulated nutrients to the tomato plants.


The Results: Advanced interplanting cultivation increases productivity

Interplanting involves growing early and late cycles of crops side by side to ensure the greenhouse is operational throughout the year. It sounds simple but requires the sophistication of two irrigation systems working in tandem, delivering just the right volume of water and fertilizer to each plant. 

For the client, the benefits are three-fold:

  1. Savings on time which would otherwise be spent on replanting
  2. Increased yields
  3. Assurance of a consistent supply of tomatoes throughout the year.

Additionally, the project also includes a 1-hectare nursery which produces high-quality seedlings for the greenhouse throughout the year.