Sprinkler Irrigation in Heap Leaching

Sprinkler Irrigation in Heap Leaching

The preferred method for heap leaching is drip irrigation, but in certain condition and applications and when safety regulation permits, sprinklers are also used.

Heap leaching with sprinklers will work well in areas where the wind effect is minimal and when the desired flow rate is very high.

Sprinkler irrigation in mining applications is mainly used for heap leaching of cooper, gold, uranium and nickel. Sprinklers are ideal for slope irrigation, evaporation, dust control, reforestation and can also be installed to complete the leach cycle or provide a final rinse.

Why Sprinklers?

Sprinklers conserve energy and provide exceptional uniformity and are becoming hugely popular in mining industry. Netafim’s sprinklers provide the flow rate at an extremely high uniformity and relatively low operation pressure. The droplet has an ideal size to avoid compacting the soil and on the other hand not to evaporate.

Where sprinklers system is the preferred method, Netafim is the only company that supplies the whole system with products designed for easy storage and later fast installation and reliable operation.

Sprinklers irrigation for Mining

Netafim solutions for sprinkler irrigation in mining:

Netafim has developed a unique sprinkler that can deliver the highest uniformity rate and excellent percolation through the ores in extreme environmental, climatic and working conditions and as a result increase mineral recovery rate. GyroNet™ Turbo is the ideal sprinkler for heap leaching, final rinsing and slope irrigation. Depending on the design and flow rate it can always be used for an efficient evaporation.

All Netafim’s product are supported by NetSpeX™  a web based system which is a smart design tool for optimizing mining’s sprinkler performance in various installation-patterns and operating conditions, to maximize uniformity


GyroNet Turbo™ delivers highly uniform coverage with high precipitation rates and very gentle droplet size.


Why GyroNet™ Turbo?

GyroNet™ Turbo is the ideal sprinkler for heap leaching

  1. Higher reliability - The sprinkler is made from high-quality raw material, resistant to chemicals and UV radiation exposure
  2. Robust Design : The unique and robust design of the sprinkler’s rotor, water channer and a special shape of the bridge provides a very high-water distribution uniformity.
  3. Varying Flow rates : It is available in 5 different flow rates: 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 l/h
  4. Low pressure compatible : Can perform optimally at low pressure.


Learn more about GyroNet Turbo™


Compatibility with all the supporting products for Netafim:

GyroNet™ Turbo is compatible with all the other components of the irrigation system, made by Netafim thus enabling a simple design and quick and easy installation and maintenance –

Complementary products:

  1. FlexNet™
  2. Inline PRV
  3. Sprinkler stands – Mega Riser, Mega Supporting Arm and Mega Base


Download the product sheets



MegaNet™15D and 24D for gold heap leaching

MegaNet™, with its innovative “fortress” impact sprinkler design, gives you excellent uniformity while preventing issues caused by insects, poor water quality or field machine damage:

  • 7 different nominal flow rates – 200, 250,350, 450, 550, 650, 750 l/h at 2.3 bars
  • Recommended working pressure: 2.0 to 3.0 bar (at the sprinkler head).
  • Recommended filtration: 400 micron / 40 mesh.
  • Can be installed on solid sets or in removable field
  • Made of UV-protected materials, durable to all climate conditions
  • Inlet connector: 1/2" male
  • Code colored locking pins and caps for easy
  • 2 balanced water
  • Individual filter in each
  • Spacing installation up to 10X12 meter


Why MegaNet™?

  • ONE-OF-A-KIND INTEGRAL FILTER: MegaNet’s unique built-in filter protects the sprinkler nozzle from being clogged by debris - reducing repair and maintenance costs.
  • DOUBLE-DAMAGE PROTECTION: Unique pop-up mechanism - that opens only during irrigation - prevents insects, spiders and dirt particles disrupting sprinkler performance and shields against handling damage.
  • INCREASED percolation:Gentle water jets produce relatively small drops near the ground making it ideal for
  • HIGH WATER DISTRIBUTION:Unique symmetrical structure splits water into two equal jets, creating more balanced water distribution. 
  • Robust - Made of UV-protected materials, durable to all climate conditions.


Download Meganet™ 24D product sheets

Download Meganet™ 15D product sheets

Learn more about MegaNet™


Mega riser, base and support



Combination between GyroNet™ Turbo or others sprinklers (with male thread inlet connector 1/2") and flexible pipes: FlatNet™.

The stand consists of the following parts:

  1. Base
  2. Arm
  3. Riser – several units (1, 2 or 3) can be installed together to achieve the desired sprinkler height

If the stand installed comprises only Netafim™ made parts, Teflon is not needed. The parts will be supplied as individual components to allow ordering a stand with height according to requirement (40, 80 or 120 cm).

The Netafim™ MegaStand™ can be connected to field sprinklers with 2" and 3" FlatNet™ pipes.

BASE: Catalog number per 1 unit: 64520-002480 Unit quantity per box: 20 units.

ARM: Catalog number per single 1 unit: 64520-002485 Unit quantity per box: 50 units.

RISER: Catalog number per single 1 unit: 64520-002490 Unit quantity per box: 100 units.

NetSpeX™ The smart sprinkler system designer

  • Enjoy a super-fast and professional design solution
  • With an awesome user experience too
  • Design your system by application
  • Optimize performance for an existing sprinkler model 
  • Compare different sprinklers or models 

Do the smart thing. 

Spec out your next sprinkler system with NetSpex! 

Inline pressure regulator


In-line pressure regulator ensures uniform pressure at the inlet of each lateral.



  • Provides required inlet pressure in each lateral.
  • Provides required pressure in each sprinkler.



  • Consistency : Provides constant pressure to the laterals regardless of upstream pressure rises.
  • Efficient Leaching: Uniform pressure ensures efficient leaching.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Made of acid and cyanide resistant materials.
  • Available in 5 optional output pressures: 1.1bar/15psi, 1.4bar/20psi, 1.8bar/26psi, 2.5bar/35psi, 3bar/43psi (only in the 3/4"*3/4" version).

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