Next-Level Agriculture with Advanced Digital Farming Practices

Next-Level Agriculture with Advanced Digital Farming Practices

The Ultimate All-in-One Irrigation Companion

GrowSphere™ MAX helps you manage even the most complex irrigation and fertigation tasks, delivering maximum results with minimum effort. From automated execution to command validation and detailed reporting, it's the perfect versatile partner for any farm.


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10,000 agronomists

in your hand​

Crop Advisor’s recommendations are based on innovative, up-to-date crop models developed by Netafim’s leading agronomists, building on over 50 years of global irrigation experience. The models, developed in collaboration with top universities and irrigation institutes, are field-tested to ensure effectiveness and reliability.

256 valves

Multiple mainlines

Up to 104 sensors

Connects with RTU systems

Up to 8 tiles

Advanced fertigation

Crop Advisor Benefits

Crop Advisor enhances irrigation decision-making,
improving efficiency and yields.


Optimize your irrigation ROI

Maximize resources and minimize waste, by applying the precise water and nutrients to match soil, weather and plant stage.

Peace Of Mind

Irrigation scheduling is based on real-time climate data and soil-water balance models

Maximize yield quality & quantity

Continuously adjusts your irrigation plan to be in synch with your crop’s actual development needs.

What controller is best for me?

Whatever your irrigation needs we have right option for you.



Monitor soil, weather, crop, and irrigation status with real-time updates from your fields.

Crop Advisor

Crop Advisor

Enhance your irrigation plans with recommendations tailored to crop stage.



Generate reports to support traceability and track crop performance from season to season.




Control your irrigation and fertigation systems – from anywhere.

Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications

Get timely alerts about irrigation or system maintenance issues.

Suitable for crops like yours​

From coffee to cotton, Crop Advisor’s module supports many crops and varieties.

Everything Works Nicely Together

The GrowSphere OS seamlessly connects your controller, to your sensors, to the Cloud, to your smartphone. One robust system, that speaks the language of simple reliability.