Take the Guesswork out of
Irrigation Scheduling​

Crop Advisor is a real-time irrigation decision-support and an indispensable part of GrowSphere™. Crop Advisor continuously provides recommendations on how much and when you need to irrigate in order to achieve a high-quality crop with maximum irrigation efficiency.


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The Right Irrigation, Done Right
In All Conditions

As every farmer knows, growing conditions such as weather, crop development factors, and soil moisture among others, are continually changing. These all affect the amount of water and nutrients you need to deliver to your crops. Crop Advisor factors all of these variables in real-time, helping you to optimize your irrigation scheduling.

How it Works

Crop Advisor offers practical data-driven support to
growers, taking the guesswork out of irrigation
planning. Its accuracy results from combining three
sources of data: sensor, hydraulic, and crop.

Real-time Data

Sensors capture real-time data about the water status of your crop and field, while data feeds from local weather forecasts complete the picture.

Hydraulic Data

Crop Advisor adapts its calculations based on actual status of your irrigation system such as valves, laterals, submains, etc.

Crop Models

Crop Advisor modifies its calculations based on your crop’s growth stage. This is done using crop model algorithms based on 50 years of Netafim agronomic knowledge and expertise.


10,000 Agronomists

in Your Hand​

Crop Advisor’s recommendations are based on innovative, up-to-date crop models developed by Netafim’s leading agronomists, building on over 50 years of global irrigation experience. The models, developed in collaboration with top universities and irrigation institutes, are field-tested to ensure effectiveness and reliability.

Crop Advisor Benefits

Crop Advisor Enhances Irrigation Decision-Making,
Improving Efficiency and Yields.

Optimize Your Irrigation ROI

Maximize resources and minimize waste, by applying the precise water and nutrients to match soil, weather and plant stage

Peace of Mind

Irrigation scheduling is based on real-time climate data and soil-water balance models

Maximize Yield Quality & Quantity

Continuously adjust your irrigation plan to be in synch with your crop’s actual development needs

Suitable for Crops Like Yours​

From coffee to cotton, Crop Advisor’s models supports many crops and varieties.

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