Top 10 Benefits of Netafim FlexNet™ Flexible Pipe

Top 10 Benefits of Netafim FlexNet™ Flexible Pipe

Irrigation pipes play a decisive role in the efficiency and effectiveness of a drip irrigation system. Hence, you need reliable irrigation pipes that can sustainably support your irrigation endeavors. FlexNet™ is one such trustworthy drip irrigation product. It has resulted from Netafim’s extensive research, knowledge, and unfathomable understanding of Indian irrigation needs and landscape.

Benefits of Using FlexNet™ Irrigation pipes  

1. Lightweight and Portable 

FlexNet™ is lightweight and portable. You don’t require many people or a large transport facility to carry the pipe. You can carry the pipe easily by yourself. 

2. Innovative Drip Irrigation Solution 

FlexNet™ isn’t merely another product added to India’s drip irrigation ecosystem. Instead, it is a well-researched and innovative & patented product that has stemmed from Netafim’s agricultural ingenuity and the urge to deliver what matters and what provides value.

3. Longevity 

The durable polyethylene (PE) pipe is uniquely woven to provide strength and remain lightweight. It allows various laying and retrievals.

4. No Snaking and Kinking 

With FlexNet™ pipe, the drip lines remain in the same position throughout the season. This is because FlexNet™ pipe does not undergo snaking and kinking. 

5. High UV Resistance 

The pipe is intelligently colored white to provide high thermal, chemical, and UV resistance. Thus, external elements have little to no effect on the pipe.

6. Reduced Installation Effort and Cost

FlexNet™ pipe can be easily laid. It doesn’t incur as much effort and cost to install the pipe. The pipe comes with an instruction manual that lucidly explains the installation procedure. So, farmers can install the pipe themselves with fewer people on hand.

7. Easy to Coil and Store 

Recoiling FlexNet pipe is as easy as installing it. You can easily retrieve the pipe without damaging it. The recoiled pipe can be stored in a compact space, unlike conventional pipes that require a larger storage room.

8. Customization 

FlexNet™ pipe can be customized to your needs. Netafim offers pre-ordered welded outlets at a spacing based on your drip irrigation needs. Thus, FlexNet™ pipe allows you to optimize water supply to your crop and catalyzes a higher and more consistent crop growth.

9. Leak-Free 

The perfect sealing between the patented outlets and the pipe helps reduce weeding and muddy spots. So, the pipes don’t leak and help you ensure optimal water supply.

10. Peace of Mind! 

Proper water supply and irrigation efficiency remain grave concerns for farmers. But FlexNet™, which doesn’t leak, is a sustainable drip irrigation solution. Its efficiency, durability, and performance guarantee offer farmers peace of mind.

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