Banner Smart Drip Irrigation System Using IoT to Automate Irrigation System

Smart Drip Irrigation System Using IoT to Automate Irrigation System

For centuries, Agriculture has been either heavily weather-driven or instinctive. The result is perpetual crop yield and quality concerns, Increasing investments and reducing profits. But the introduction of technologies like AI, IoT, etc., is helping farmers mitigate farming risks and positively contribute to agricultural yield, Informed decisions, And smart irrigation. Let’s focus on the Smart Drip Irrigation System part of this blog.

The Need for an IoT-Based Smart Drip Irrigation System

Water scarcity has been a concern for Indian farmers throughout. Depleting groundwater resources, Reducing rainfall, And uneven water distribution are all together massively contributing to the current plight of farmers in India.

Not to forget, tactical problems on the ground, like poor quality of pipes, leakages, and untimely irrigation schedules, which lead to water wastage and affect soil moisture content. In many cases, farmers have been found to be buying water to complete the water needs of their crops, thus increasing the overall farming investment.

If farmers focus on sustainability, They will realize that the key to growing more and a better yield is not buying more resources. It is to optimize the available ones and grow more from less via technology-based Smart Drip Irrigation Solutions! 

Technologies like IoT can be of significant help in this regard. They can enable farmers to automate irrigation systems and help them derive better results.