Banner How Can FlexNet™ and Streamline X Benefit Farmers?

How Can FlexNet™ and Streamline X Benefit Farmers?

Transporting water from the source to the crop is a crucial challenge for many farmers across India. During this process, they lose a significant amount of water, with the crops receiving less than what they actually require. 

One of the most common reasons for such loss and deprivation of water is pipe leakages. Conventional pipes are prone to cause leakages due to bending or wearing off, which happens with time and because of weather conditions. In addition, identifying leakages and repairing them poses another challenge, as the pipelines are under the ground.

On the other hand, many farmers still employ flood irrigation techniques that result in an enormous loss of water!

Given the above two situations, the key to saving water while supplying the right amount of water to the crop root is to have a drip pipe with a drip line attached to it to streamline water supply. 

FlexNet (drip pipe) and Streamline X (drip line) address both these concerns. These products stem from Netafim’s extensive problem-specific research. They are already benefiting farmers, who’ve acknowledged their usefulness. Here is more to how they benefit.

Benefits of FlexNet™

FlexNet is a performant, flexible, lightweight piping solution for above and below-ground drip system, sprinkler & water convenient system. The product comes in varying diameters with integrally welded connectors that ensure leak-proof connections. Here are some proven tactical, logistics, and commercial benefits of FlexNet for farmers.

  • Ease of Installation

     FlexNet pipes are very easy to install. They have connectors that make it easy for farmers to install them and             require fewer people to do the job. 

  • Durability

     FlexNet can be laid and recoiled several times throughout the year without damage. The pipes can endure harsh       weather conditions. Thus, you don’t have to invest and reinvest in pipes frequently as a farmer.

  • Reduced Logistical and Storage Costs

     Since FlexNet is lightweight, it is portable and easily carried. Besides, you can coil it easily and store it without           causing the pipe to bend or crack. Thus, you don’t have to worry about transportation, storage arrangements, or           costs while using FlexNet for your drip irrigation system.

  • No Kinking or Snaking

     Unlike old pipes, FlexNet lays flat and doesn’t entangle or bend. That helps prevent the pipe from cracking and           bending. How does it practically benefit your crop? Well, you can ensure a consistent water supply throughout             your farm spread. The result is consistent quality and yield.

Benefits of Streamline X

Streamline X is a drip line that helps farmers optimize irrigation and fertigation for seasonal vegetables or field crops. It is a tough, thin wall drip line that relieves farmers from common problems like leaks or cuts. The drip line offers a unique ribbed surface that serves as a barrier between the dripline and the ground, thus simplifying and expediting installation. But how does Streamline X benefit?

  • Durability: Streamline X has internal ribs that reduce damage to the dripper during installation.
  • High Clogging Resistance: Streamline X has a self-cleaning labyrinth that flushes debris throughout the operation, no matter water quality challenges.
  • Optimal Protection: The drip line’s exterior ribbed surface helps prevent dripline damage during installation and retrieval.
  • Enhanced Performance: Streamline X complies with ISO 9261 (an international standard that provides mechanical and functional requirements for agricultural irrigation emitters and pipes). Hence, it delivers incredible performance at all times.
  • Broad Filtration Area: Streamline X delivers top performance even under harsh water conditions, thus preventing the entry of sediments into the labyrinths.
  • TurboNet: Labyrinth provides wider water passages to increase flushing efficiency. The water is drawn from the dripper from the stream center, thus avoiding sediment entry into the drippers.

Drip pipes and pipelines are crucial in helping you grow more and better. If you look forward to making a prudent investment and enhancing your drip ecosystem with efficient pipeline systems, choose Netafim’s FlexNetTM and Streamline X. Visit us at https://www.netafimindia.com/contact-us to know more about both these products and Netafim’s support and services relating to them.