Banner FlexNet™ vs. Lapeta Pipes – An Overview Comparison

FlexNet™ vs. Lapeta Pipes – An Overview Comparison

In India, many farmers struggle with crop yield and quantity. Surprisingly, it isn’t soil fertility but uneven water distribution that hampers the outcome in many such cases. Pipes play a decisive role in the latter. To save money, many farmers buy substandard pipes. They save some money momentarily but incur many tangible and intangible losses in the short and the long run.

FlexNet™ serves as a solution here. It is an innovative drip irrigation product that offers various advantages on the technical and commercial front. Of course, FlexNet™ has peers. Lapeta is one of them. But is it as effective as FlexNet™?

Let’s compare FlexNet™ vs Lapeta.

FlexNet™ vs Lapeta – Comparison of 5 Factors

Let’s compare FlexNet™ and Lapeta based on five crucial factors that often drive the choice of irrigation pipes.

1. Sizes Available

FlexNet™ Flexible and PE Pipe is available in sizes up to 12’’, Generally, Lapeta is limited to sizes up to only 8”. Thus FlexNet™ proves advantageous as pipes with larger diameters help cover more significant water requirements and thus can be used for various crops.

2. Material

FlexNet™ pipe and outlets are made from 100% polypropylene. The product is completely recyclable and comparatively stronger than its conventional counterparts, like polyvinyl chloride and fiber.

3. Fittings

FlexNet™ uses plastic fittings of 2’’-12’’. Thus, they don’t corrode from saline water. The use of fertilizers also doesn’t affect the fittings. In addition, plastic makes the fittings easier to handle and lightweight. But on the other hand, Lapeta pipes don’t fit properly and lead to a lot of leakages.

4. Efficient Recoiling

FlexNet™ is easy to recoil, store and re-deploy. It has integrally welded outlets, which means you only have to unscrew the fittings to keep the pipes safe and undamaged. 

On the other hand, recoiling Lapeta requires you to disconnect outlets and start connectors. In addition, bulk makes it challenging to handle and store the pipes. The result could be leaking outlets and fittings. Consequently, the pipes get damaged over a period, requiring you to invest in a new one repeatedly.

5. Durability

FlexNet™ pipes can serve you for about six to seven years. But Lapeta’s lifespan is about six months to a year.

6. Leakages & Damages

FlexNet™ pipes fit well and don’t cause leaks. Thus, they do not suffer damages under various circumstances. That is not the case with Lapeta pipes that can break, leak and damage, thus requiring farmers to reinvest in pipes.

7. Warranty

 FlexNet™ pipes comes with a warranty of 3 years. If used appropriately, they can serve you over eight to ten years. But Lapeta doesn’t come with any warranty.

Choose FlexNet™ and Reap its Advantages in the Long Run!

FlexNet™ proves itself advantageous on various fronts. It isn’t merely user-friendly but also requires less labor to carry, install and recoil. In addition, the material used makes it an eco-friendly and durable drip irrigation piping solution. And you cannot discount Netafim’s excellent and empathetic customer service that comes with FlexNet™. 

Now that you know why FlexNet™ is a better option, connect with Netafim. Contact us and learn more about FlexNet™ and the services we offer with our highly beneficial drip irrigation piping solutions, specifically designed to serve Indian farmers.