Greenhouse Irrigation

Complete Guide on Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

Are you about to set up a greenhouse irrigation system? This guide can help you discover the various aspects related to the Greenhouse Irrigation System

What is a Greenhouse Irrigation System?

A Greenhouse Irrigation System is a type of Micro-Irrigation System that preserves water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly into the crop's root zone with a Pipeline installed either just above the soil surface or hidden below the surface.  Greenhouse irrigation systems aim to deliver water and nutrients to the crops and curb the wastage and evaporation of both these valuable elements.  

A greenhouse irrigation system involves a dripinstalled near or below the soil surface. It dispenses water via a network of pipes, tubing, emitters. Due to its fundamental concept of precision irrigation, the system proves more useful and productive than conventional methods like surface or sprinkler irrigation.

Top 5 Benefits of Greenhouse Irrigation System 

Let’s look at some benefits of setting up a greenhouse irrigation system.

1. Increase in Yield

This is the most significant benefit that drives farmers towards the greenhouse irrigation system.

2. Significant Water Savings

Another benefit of greenhouse irrigation systems is water conservation. Since water is supplied to the crop root zone via drip lines, crops get precisely the water they need to survive and thrive. Thus, unlike Sprinkler Systems, wherein a huge amount of water is wasted in evaporation, Greenhouse Irrigation Systems save water by providing crops only as much as is required.

Compared to their conventional counterparts like sprinkler systems, greenhouse irrigation systems deliver an efficiency of 88-90 percent! Farmers can grow more with less and increase their bottom lines in the long run.

3. Uniform Plant Growth

A Greenhouse Drip Irrigation System ensures uniform water and fertilizer supply across every plant within the cultivable spread. Netafim uses the Technology TurboNext™ that enables drippers to ensure consistent and standardized water supply across every plant and thus helps uniformize the crop yield and quality. This is not possible with flood or sprinkler irrigation.

4. Substantial Cost Savings

How can a Greenhouse Irrigation System save money for a farmer? Of course, this isn’t an invalid question. But here, it must be noted that although setting up a greenhouse irrigation system demands a substantial initial investment, it helps save water, resources, nutrients, etc., which can translate to massive cost savings in the long run.

Farmers can automate the irrigation system and require a lesser workforce, thus helping them reduce the overall production cost by about 25-30 percent. In addition, controlling the amount of water and nutrients further helps curb the investment significantly.

5. Automation

As mentioned above, farmers can automate the irrigation system and that’s precisely another noteworthy benefit of greenhouse irrigation systems. Elements like mobile-based irrigation and fertigation, climate sensing, irrigation based on the crop’s growth phase and the existing soil moisture levels can help automate irrigation. Besides, real time insights into the crop situation allows them to provide nutrients and water only in the required amounts.

Leverage Netafim’s Expertise for Comprehensive Greenhouse Irrigation Setups

Setting up a greenhouse irrigation system is surely a prudent move. Partner with Netafim, for we are here to help you with every assistance and part, including sprinklers, pipes, dripline, tapes, and foggers for greenhouse irrigation systems.

We are a team of certified Greenhouse Irrigation experts that help farmers across India set up, operate, and maintain Greenhouse Irrigation Systems. We provide a reasonable warranty with our greenhouse irrigation setups and have the experience it takes to help you optimize yield and achieve success in your greenhouse irrigation endeavors.

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