Banner The Future of Farming - An Introduction to Automatic Irrigation System and Automated Drip Irrigation

The Future of Farming - An Introduction to Automatic Irrigation System and Automated Drip Irrigation

In India, farming has come a long way. Across many regions in the country, it has royally evolved from completely weather-dependent to irrigation- and digitally-driven. Of course, we have got miles to go. But we cannot afford to miss discussing transformations happening in due course and their benefits. Let us do that.

What is an Automatic Irrigation System?

Automation in irrigation or an Automatic Irrigation System refers to operating irrigation with little or no manual intervention apart from surveillance. You can automate almost every Drip Irrigation System with the help of sensors, Timers, Or computers. Automatic Drip Irrigation System proves more efficient and timelier. It allows farmers to focus on the more important tasks requiring expertise, experience, and wisdom.

Global Automatic Irrigation System Market

With more and more farmers realizing the benefits of Irrigation Automation, The market will only grow. As per reports, The global Irrigation Automation or Automated Irrigation market will go from approximately USD 4 billion in 2022 to nearly USD 9 billion in 2027. That refers to the growth of more than double the existing size in only five years!

Types of Automatic Irrigation Systems

Automatic Irrigation Systems has evolved over the years to become available in varying forms. Let's look at the three types of Automatic Drip Irrigation Systems.

Time-Based System

This system allows the farmer to set the start time and quantity of irrigation (in minutes or seconds), number of cycles, maximum duration, and number of cycles, depending on the model and the manufacturer of the controller. It is easy to program and operate. However, some cons include the absence of system feedback and interruptions causing partial or complete cycles to skip due to power outages.

Volume-Based System

Farmers can set start time and quantity of irrigation (in liters or M3) and a number of cycles per day. The system offers operational flexibility (time or volume-based), exact quantity and flow calculation, and flow deviation (no flow, low and high-flow). However, the system is costlier than the time-based system and it requires components like water meters with sensors and flow meters additionally.

Sensor-Based System

In this Irrigation System, Irrigation is executed according to signals from the sensors like Soil moisture sensor, Tensio-meter, Solar radiation, Vapor pressure deficit, and Evapo Transpiration (ET). It helps execute irrigation as and when required, and enables substantial savings of resources. But it is the costliest of all the Automated Irrigation Systems, Requires maintenance of sensors, and the number of sensors depends on the land size. Additionally, a sensor failure can affect the watering system.

Benefits of Automatic Drip Irrigation System

Farmers have struggled with increasing Irrigation Precision, Efficiency, Water saving, and Ever-increasing labor costs for years. But an Automatic Drip Irrigation System addresses these concerns effectively. A fully Automated Drip Irrigation System eliminates manual intervention, thus enhancing irrigation accuracy and offering a range of consequent benefits, Including the following.  

Water Saving:

Plants get only as much water and when required. So, no water wastage and no delays whatsoever, which is a possibility while handling and operating irrigation systems manually.

Even Crop Growth:

Automated Irrigation Systems can be programmed to release water precisely in the quantities the crop requires across various phases. Thus, water neither gets excess water nor remains deprived of it. Uniform distribution of water can help result in even Crop Growth.  

Considerable Cost Savings:

Irrigation automation eliminates the need for labor to operate the irrigation system. Besides, farmers can operate the irrigation system at a click through their mobile. Both these factors can help save costs and efforts otherwise involved in operating manual irrigation systems.

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