Banner FLEXNET™- The industry's only leak-proof flexible pipe

FLEXNET™- The industry's only leak-proof flexible pipe

An interview with Mr. Chandrakant Ramani about Netafim’s FLEXNET™ pipes - portable, leak-free main and submain pipes. It weighs less than half as much as other pipes, you can order it with customized pre-welded outlet spacing for your land, it is four times faster to install and it never leaks.

It is the most innovative pipe in irrigation – designed to be easier to use, more durable and entirely customizable. 

I sat down to talk with Mr. Chandrakant Ramani who is a Product Manager at Netafim India. Mr. Chandrakant had some very insightful things to say about the innovative product of Netafim’s – FLEXNET™

As interviewed by Mr. Sanket Belgudri, Senior Manager - Marketing

Interviewer: Tell us about your breakthrough product FlexNet.

CR:  Well, FlexNet is patented multipurpose, flexible, durable pipe system suitable for all types of irrigation needs. It is an innovative mainline and sub mainline piping solution that is easy to install, recoil and relocate. Besides, FlexNet is a premium quality micro irrigation piping product made from a reinforced polypropylene fabric, durable enough to withstand several external conditions such as rain, heat, and pressure.

Interviewer: What are the issues faced by farmers while irrigating cultivable lands?

CR: Well, a lot of them stem from the use of PVC, HDPE, or local piping products. Conventional pipes are heavy, so requires a more transportation space. As a result, the logistics part itself guzzles up a considerable part of the farmers’ hard-earned money. Furthermore, they have to trench, fix, and drill the pipes to prepare them for installation and creation of the required number of outlets.

All these activities need time and demand additional installation effort, labor, and equipment cost.

Moreover, farmers have to deal with concerns like cracks, damages, leakages, snaking, kinking, or entangling thereby affecting irrigation efficiency and fostering the growth of the weed.

Farmers are unable to move the traditional fixed pipes to different fields due to the permanent joints and the fact that they are deep buried in land. The whole system of pipes takes up way too much space while transporting and storing. The pipes are difficult to move around even within the field. To add to their woes, installation of the pipes is very complicated, and the farmers have to spend extra budget and time or manpower for it.

The most significant issue faced by many farmers is that they are unable to measure and calculate long-running financial losses in the pursuit of buying low-cost local piping products.

Another reason is the absence of an efficient alternative that cares about farmers’ convenience, profits, and happiness in the long run.

 So, here comes FlexNet, which is hassle-free, efficient, and cost-effective!


Interviewer: So, what are the features of FlexNet?

CR:  Ok, so let me throw some light on their features. FlexNet pipes are plain flat when not pressurized, facilitating easy installation, transportation, storage, and pipe removal. Also, the fact that they do not buckle & remains in the same position throughout the season. The pipes are thermostatic, collapsible irrigation pipe constructed from premium polypropylene with low expansion rate and zero axial elongation. Moreover, FlexNet is versatile and durable, offered with a full line of branching and drip lines connectors. The pipes have unmatched flexibility, lightweight, durability and are around 2.5 times lighter than the regular pipes. This makes the installation faster and less-labor intensive. They come with pre-installed integral outlets based on different customers’ needs. On top of that, FlexNet pipes are Teflon and glue free with inbuilt integral welded connectors, ensuring a secure, leak-free connection between distribution pipes and laterals.


Interviewer: What are the benefits offered by FlexNet?

CR: FlexNet is an extremely beneficial product, meticulously crafted to cater to the farmer’s irrigation needs.

Apart from easy installation, relocation and transport, farmers can avail installation of the pipes all by themselves with a little help from a person or two. It comes with Teflon free drip line connectors that reduces the time required to join FlexNet with the emitting pipes.

FlexNet are flat pipes when non-pressurized and are laid on the top of the ground, leaving no room for trench, or dig the ground, saving time, labor, and related expenses. Its temperature tolerance capacity, leak-proof and free-of-cost maintenance contribute to its utilitarian value.

Interviewer: So, what are the FlexNet segments to target for?

CR: Well, FlexNet have segments to target for, the first being main/submain in micro irrigation and the second target segment is mini sprinkler with FlexNet, overhead sprinkler with FlexNet. The last largest segment is FlexNet as water carrier.

Interviewer: How much can one save while installing FlexNet?

CR: As per observation, installing FlexNet is approximately 20% to 30% cheaper than installing a lay flat, HDPE and PVC pipes. So, you save money, and in a way, contribute to your farming bottom lines or profits. Needless to say, the farmers will benefit a great deal out of it.

Interviewer: So, tell us about the variants of FlexNet pipes?

CR: Well, there are two variants to cater to the needs of every crop-growers in India- -FlexNet and FlexNet HP. Well, let us take a look at these products.

Netafim FlexNet plain pipes and FlexNet HP are made up of 100% recyclable material, which are also UV and chemical resistant. Flexnet comes up with 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”, whereas FlexNet HP comes with 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”

So, by giving a sneak peek into these two variants, I hope to give you a clear picture of FlexNet pipes and their functionalities.

Interviewer: On a parting note, what is the one word to summarize everything about FlexNet?

CR: Obviously, innovation is the other name for FlexNet and the classic apt word to live up to its image and worth, considering the innovative idea of reliability, simplicity, and timesaving. Netafim is one-of-a-kind agricultural and irrigation service and solution-provider, offering a one-stop solution for all the water distribution needs for crop-growers. FlexNet’s unique features are quick assembly, no guess work, minimized transportation and storage cost, agro-machinery friendly, maximum durability, and environment friendly. We believe in extending our helping hands to the crop-growers for enhancing their livelihood.