Sprinkler Irrigation System Kits: Sprinklers, Micro Sprinklers, Mini Sprinklers, And Special Emitters.

Sprinkler Irrigation System Kits: Sprinklers, Micro Sprinklers, Mini Sprinklers, And Special Emitters.

The best sprinklers and emitters are reliable and durable. They need to work incredibly hard and resist harsh conditions , and still provide consistently uniform water distribution day after day, year after year.

Sprinkler Irrigation System Products

Farmers face various challenges when cultivating crops. They must protect their plants from frost, high humidity, and harsh weather conditions. However, by installing a Netafim sprinkler irrigation system products, they can overcome all such problems, where their plants can grow healthily. A quality sprinkler system ensures their field crops receive uniform water all year long. Netafim sprinkler irrigation products are useful for frost protection, cooling purposes, and humidifying effects. It is a specialised sprinklers irrigation system for growing fruits and vegetables on orchards with flat terrains.

What are the Types of Sprinklers?

Growing crops require sufficient water and nutritional compounds for their growth. Opt for a Netafim micro sprinkler or mini sprinkler for evenly distributing water and nutrients to plants on your farm as per your needs. As a super fine mister, the Netafim CoolNet Pro sprinkler irrigation system can be deployed for cooling and humidifying greenhouses. On the other hand, Netafim’s GyroNet mini-sprinkler is used in flat terrain orchards for frost mitigation. The Netafim GyroNet Turbo sprinkler irrigation system is also effective in mitigating frost in orchards.   The MegaNet mini sprinkler irrigation system product splits water into two equal jets for even water distribution, making it useful for germination.  The D-Net sprinkler system product can be used to grow crops and vegetables that are spaced more than 10 meters away.  The SuperNet sprinkler irrigation system product comes with a Pressure compensated mechanism for uniform water distribution and restraining the entry of insects and other pests. The bridgeless SpinNet sprinkler irrigation system product prevents drips from the supply pipe from damaging your plants.

Choose the ideal product for your needs:

Advantages of Using Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler irrigation system is preferred over other irrigation methods because it imparts more benefits, as seen herein:

  • When you choose a Netafim micro-sprinkler or mini-sprinkler irrigation system, you save on costs because of its affordability and easy-to-install features
  • Setting up a sprinkler system does not occupy much of your land, leaving more area for cultivation
  • Sprinkler irrigation systems do not interfere with the crop cultivation process, which means you do not incur any losses
  • Sprinklers deliver water to your crops and plants frequently, thereby saving you the trouble of doing so
  • Sprinklers distribute water evenly to your crops
  • Farmers have control over the amount of water being supplied to their plants when they deploy a sprinkler irrigation system; hence, there is no risk of water wastage
  • Farm owners can mount a sprinkler irrigation system on any type of soil, except heavy clay soil
  • Besides irrigation purposes, sprinklers come in handy for cooling temperatures during hot conditions
  • Sprinklers are also advantageous because you can mix fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides with the water before distribution
  • Sprinkler irrigation systems are suitable for crop irrigation in fields with high plant population
  • Sprinklers are equipped to dispense water even to elevated areas


Choosing Sprinkler Irrigation System Products For Field Crops

  • Sprinklers Spacing

In the Sprinkler Irrigation System, the distance between the sprinklers is primarily determined based on the planting pattern of the field crops and the agro-mechanical vehicles and tools used in the Field. Nevertheless, there are other factors to consider. The closer the sprinklers are spaced, the more units and pipes you will require, and the higher your sprinkler system cost will be. On the other hand, wider spacing makes it harder to obtain uniform water distribution, especially in wind areas.  

  • Sprinklers Flow Rate And Overall System Precipitation Rate

It is important to choose a sprinkler solution that can provide the daily crop needs and avoid run-off that creates uneven water distribution and soil erosion. You should look for a precision irrigation system whose precipitation rate correlates to the soil’s infiltration capacity. Unlike center pivots or rain guns which have high hourly flow, Precision sprinkler irrigation systems have low to medium precipitation rates, so they don’t generate runoff.

  • The Droplet Size Of Sprinklers

Aggressive jets can injure young crops, expose seeds, and create soil erosion or provoke soil crusting. on the other hand, very fine jets can produce small droplets of water which may shift with the wind or evaporate affecting the uniform distribution of the water. Look for a sprinkler irrigation that can reach the required distance and maintain even distribution patterns, but will not damage your crops.

Want to know which filtration system to choose to optimize your system?

Want to know which filtration system to choose to optimize your system?

Netafim's FilterConfig gives you the answer in 3 easy steps

Looking for more information? download the full sprinklers AND MICRO-SPRINKLERS catalog

Looking for more information? download the full sprinklers AND MICRO-SPRINKLERS catalog

(PDF, 5MB)

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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