When irrigating upside-down in greenhouses or net-houses or tunnels, SpinNet™ bridgeless micro-sprinklers give you uniform water distribution and no drip-off, for perfectly uniform crop yields.

Why SpinNet™?

  • High crop uniformity: Achieve perfectly uniform distribution of water and nutrients, that results in uniform crops. 
  • Avoid plant damage: Bridge-less design ensures drip-free operation, protecting any plants located below from water drip-off.
  • Fast maintenance: Simple disassembly without tools, enables fast and simple cleaning - saving time and labor.
  • Easy cleaning: Chemical-resistant materials (AA) let you flush system using acid treatments.


  • 3/4" impact sprinkler with 24 degrees water trajectory angle, for full coverage installation with spacing up to 20X20 meters, providing high precipitation rate.
  • 3 different flow rates: 2150, 2735, 3060 L/H
  • Nominal flow rate at: 3.5 bar
  • Recommended pressure range: 3.0 - 4.0 b bar
  • Water Trajectory angle: 24 Degrees
  • Water distribution is achieved by combination of 2 nozzles. Front nozzle and rear nozzle.
  • 1 types of inlet connector: 3/4” male threaded


Product sheets

Product sheets

Technical information

Technical information

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